What is Dead Nation doing in my Call of Duty Black Ops?

This has to be a first in the entire series of Call of Duty, is one of a kind Easter Egg that nobody would have though and to top it all off is at the very beginning of the game to be exact at the menu screen, you have to see it to believe it. To give you all a hint its name DEAD OPS ARCADE.


Updated with Images and Reuploaded the Video in the link, and with new information that DEAD OPS ARCADE can be played by 2 players at the same time via SPLITSCREEN and ONLINE.

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PRHB HYBRiiD3642d ago

it seems like a cool extra to the game...fells like i have 3 games in one :D zombie ,single player(multiplayer) and dead ops.

Red_Orange_Juice3642d ago

I'm not getting Black Ops :)

lucifon3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

You go Red Orange!! You bad man standing your ground and telling the internet about your cool stand. It's so hip to not buy CoD

big_silky3643d ago

are there any games anymore that aren't totally spoiled weeks before they're out? how can somebody be excited about a game when they literally know everything about it?

T9X693642d ago

Because when you know every game mode and aspect of a game, you can get more excited because you don't know what you want to play first? Just my guess.

ladybug73642d ago

because thats how awesome black ops is

Fishy Fingers3642d ago

Yeah another video that was removed before it even hit the front page. Maybe we could chill out on submitting everything thats breaking copyright for a while?

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