PS3Vault: Why the "Hardcore" Gamer is Dying

The “hardcore” gamer. What even defines a gamer as “hardcore” nowadays? Is it a gamer that plays M-rated games? One who goes out and buys the latest and “greatest” first-person shooter? Or is it the gamer that is at every midnight release and buys every collector’s edition, every gimmick that is thrown at him or her? The answer? None of those.

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-Alpha3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Sorry, but this is so flawed.

"A hardcore gamer is someone who plays a game not for reaching that certain killstreak and killing everything on the map, or for getting that latest and greatest trophy, but rather it is someone who plays a game simply to have fun and to improve at that game"

a) I can have fun doing both
b) Don't tell me how to have fun

"That is why the hardcore gamer is dying. The majority of people (from my experience) don’t necessarily play games to have fun anymore"

I find that to be BS. First, the definition of hardcore is very ambiguous and loosely thrown together and I don't know any person who plays a game other than to enjoy himself/herself.

The internet fans are such elitists. You aren't a gamer if you don't do this and that, you are a casual if you play this and buy that, you aren't allowed to pay for this game because it's a bad game, etc.

I collect trophies, I sometimes go out of my way, I complete side missions in RPGs, I strive to reach the top rank in games, I play to see what happens to my character, I play to be able to be strong enough to wield a sword, I grind to level up so that I can explore a random forest full of strong monsters, I sight-see, I pointlessly parachute out of planes just to feel a rush, I complete games multiple times just to get a better score-- I do all of this and more because I am engaged in the hobby. To me that's a gamer-- someone who plays a flipping game. I can care less if you are a casual or hardcore, or a fanboy or a collector, if you enjoy yourself then good for you. Sure, maybe I've played more games, have more options, or follow the industry closer, but I don't ever consider myself a "dying" breed. Gaming is constantly evolving, not dying. It's a constant cycle of adaptation. I've known some old timers who've lost the excitement they had as a kid, and I've known others who have seen their archaic dreams come into wondrous HD reality.

Hardcore gamers aren't dying, unless it's by this arbitrary definition. I think if anything gamers are feeling out of touch with what they grew up with.

Nitrowolf23645d ago

to me i always thought hardcore gamers were the ones that play games to the fullest till they are fully completed and at the same time enjoying it. And mostly falls in catagories of rated M games (for this gen) and some exceptions for below that. idk like you said the definition is something thrown loosely together. And yeah i enjoy getting trophies, saying that you are a hardcore gamer if you don't hunt these things or anything is a bit wrong, i mean what was considered hardcore before? Reaching the all time score? Unlocking and collecting every piece in a game? The idea is still there they just implemented more ways of getting rewarded or remembering that you accomplished that.

-Alpha3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I've never had a definition of hardcore gamers, though I did have a general understanding between people like me who are more invested in the industry/hobby versus the guy who plays Tetris every now and then. However, I find that when it comes down to it playing games is about enjoying yourself. And there are many people who try to force requirements. For example, what you said about Rated M games.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band
Super Mario Galaxy
Street Fighter IV

These games can be enjoyed both casually and for more serious gamers.

Yet people act as if you collect trophies, if you play E games, etc. that you aren't hardcore.

Like I said, the industry is always evolving. Before this gen people enjoyed collecting all the hidden gems or stars in a game. This gen they do the same, but somehow being rewarded with a universal achievement/trophy for doing that means you are having less fun, or that you represent everything wrong with this generation.

evrfighter3645d ago

"Yet people act as if you collect trophies, if you play E games, etc. that you aren't hardcore."

that's because you aren't. Simple as that.

I normally agree with you alpha but a hardcore gamer doesn't need trophies or achievements. A hardcore gamer learns every bug, every trick, every trick, every exploit to the game they love.

AAACE53645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

*Hardcore - Someone who loves games and plays lots of them on any system, also plays the same games several times.

*Jaded - Someone who loves gaming but only wants to play the best available. Reviews are very important as they tell him/her if the game is worth buying now or later at a cheaper price.

*Serious - Only likes to play with people who play to win. Hates stupid gamers and people who don't know how to use common sense. Only way to gain this persons respect is through gameplay and voice chat.

*Adventure - These people play games to be able to do the stuff they can't in real life!

*Old times - Playing with people in this catagory remind you of playing with your best friends even when they aren't around. Very entertaining.

*Normal - Someone who enjoys gaming but is not too obsessed about it. Sometimes has multiple systems depending on level of interest.

*Amatuer - Someone who buys a console to play a certain few games. Gaming is more of a 'something to do when there's nothing else to do' hobby. These are typically sports players.

*Casual - Someone who buys a console for light-hearted fun. Usually plays E-rated games.

*Sly - Someone who likes games but doesn't feel the need to buy them because his friends buy them, so he just plays at their expense.

*Borrowed - Person who buys a console in hopes of being able to borrow all of your games while he/she only buys the cheap sh*tty games that you won't want to play.

*New - Person who is new and likes the idea of gaming, but feels it is too complicated. You have to start them slow and let them progress when they are ready to take on a harder challenge.

*Old - Someone who is up in age or an old school gamer. Usually pretty entertaining provided the right situation. Keep it simple. Should be more like playing pool and having a beer.

*Sh*t mouth - Someone who likes to hear their own voice. Usually talking loudly and/or singing. Person wants to talk sh*t, so they do this so that you say something to them so they can start talking to you. Also, starts making fun of people's names to get you talking.

*@sshole - Someone who likes to play games just to piss you off. Usually shoots you in the back or throws a grenade at his/her team just to hear you b*tch.

*Cheater - They know they are the weakest, yet they want to feel like a god... so they resort to cheating! Best thing to do is leave the game. If you stay, you will only encourage them to keep doing so.

*Lonely - They usually play online games because no one else wants to be around them. They are usually sexually driven.

*Fanboy - Fanboys are at the bottom of the list because I don't think they really like playing games. They seem to love and hate branding more than anything! They typically stick with one console and hate to see a good game that's not on that console, or anything good that doesn't come to their console.

These are pitiful people who have no lives and found a bond/friend in a piece of electronic equipment. They lack real social skills and only feel confident speaking to people through an internet connection. The most common location they have been spotted is on N4G! They believe so blindly that their console and it's maker loves them, that they defend it like their life depended on it!

You are encouraged to try to avoid fanboys. They say stuff because they are mad about their situation and want to make you feel bad. The more you talk to them, the less lonely they feel. They feel lonely because they refuse to realize their console doen't love them back! Let them suffer for being stupid!

r1sh123645d ago

Youre right.
My definition of a hardcore gamer is one that will try and play any genre of gaming and try to compelte the single player, and become quite good at multiplayer.
Thats how it should be defined, A person who just likes gaming.

DORMIN3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

This is what I came up with:

A Hardcore gamer to me isn't necessarily someone who puts a huge amount of time into gaming/a certain game, but a gamer that is involved in gaming news/culture and appreciative and willing to play ALL gaming genres.

I don't know if I just did this to classify myself as a hardcore gamer, but I can play Flower one day, BFBC2 next day, SSF4 an hour later, Civilization the next day, squeeze in a game of Mario Kart, NBA2K another, MGS later, Katamari the next day, GTA on [I left so many out, but you get the point]

From my point of view I only know a handful of people that can do this, so thats hardcore to the fullest.

Seferoth753645d ago

I had to laugh at the kid claiming hardcore games are M rated. That is just complete ignorance. Like E games cant be challenging? LOl Punch Out was harder than most of the M rated games released this gen.. So hard games are casual and games that can be beaten with 1 button combos but contain blood are totally hardcore.... SOunds like more of a casual gamer to me.

Truth is anyone who mainly plays PS3 is actually casual and think they are core. That is one thing Sony really did well when they got into gaming. They convinced millions that being bottle fed in games some how made them superior and skill full.

Nitrowolf23645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

that is why i, and agreeing with Alpha, said that this definition is loosely thrown. For this Gen the majority of people considering what is hardcore game falls under a rated M. Why do you think i added with other exceptions as well. No they don't have to be rated M and that's whyi added for this gen right after that because most people believe they are. Alpha listed a few games that are perfect examples, and made a great point as well.

"Truth is anyone who mainly plays PS3 is actually casual and think they are core. That is one thing Sony really did well when they got into gaming. They convinced millions that being bottle fed in games some how made them superior and skill full."

please STFU, what is different with the games of 360 compared to PS3? 360 exclusive offer mostly shooters which PS3 has enough exclusive like that to. Point what i am saying why would that statement be only Sony when they offer just the same amount of genre in games as competition?


see that what you view as one being and that is why it's hard to distinguish what is hardcore. From a company perspective i think when they target a hardcore audience it is usually people near 18 of age and up. And no this does not make it true.

what makes collecting trophies make a person nonhardcore?

"A hardcore gamer learns every bug, every trick, every trick, every exploit to the game they love."

to me this just sounds like the people who uses glitches (exploits) to their advantage and honestly this sounds like the job a game tester would do. I mean really does a person have to learn about the bugs and exploits/ isn't that a tester job?

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RememberThe3573645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Hardcore gamers aren't going anywhere. Gamers are gamers. If playing videogames is one of your main hobbies then your a gamer. Even with that definition I'm leaving certain people out. Like alpha said above, it's an ambiguous label.

Having fun also isn't what all people play games for. I find myself loving the challenge games present. In trying to overcome those challenges, I'm not always having fun, but the feeling of achieving your goal is great and often I play for that alone.

Games like Enslaved or Castlevania I play for the fun of it and the story. Games like Medal of Honor I play for the challenge. Obviously the game has to have a fun factor or I'm going to keep playing it, but challenge and problem solving is also a big part of gaming.

To me a gamer is someone who plays videogames a lot. A hardcore gamer would be someone who loves grinding through games getting everything done. I see myself as a gamer. I play a lot of games but I don't really ever feel like completing them 100%. I enjoy the experience then move on to the next game.

Gamers are people and trying to label an entire consumer base of diverse people with diverse lives as this or that really doesn't do anything. A friend of mine has a 100000+ gamer score, his search for "joogs" is endless and hilarious. He's not more of a gamer than I am but he thinks of himself as a hardcore gamer because of the way he plays game until they're 100% complete.

DelbertGrady3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I think of someone who plays competitively, plays ranked matches and has a gaming mouse with weights on.

It doesn't have to do with genres. Someone can play Super Mario Bros in a casual way as well as in a hardcore way (beating time records without losing any lives etc).

This is hardcore.

Sarcasm3645d ago

Add to the fact that what's fun to one person isn't fun to another. What if grinding for trophies or trying to level up to insane levels in Demon's Souls is their idea of fun? Nobody is to judge that.

If anything, "casual" gamers are easier to identify. They are the ones who plays games once in awhile and treat it as an afterthought. It's not something that's on their mind, but they're mildly interested.

Heck, some people only play Madden games and I consider them casual gamers.

CrzyFooL3645d ago

You have a lot of bubbles!!

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T9X693645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

So by this guys logic, if I play Kinectimals for fun I'm a hardcore gamer?

Damn I might have to go get it now /s

xyxzor3645d ago

I don't know, he potentially has a point. If you think about what we have grown accustomed too over the years than I think he has some valid points. I would say that there is a large group of people that really don't play games for fun anymore. As much as I love games and the industry, I look back and see how much more I used to enjoy games opposed to now. That's not to say that I don't enjoy games anymore, however time after time I realize that a game is to watered down or I wish that there was more of an emphasis on the basics. There's something to be said for games like L4D. That's an incredibly basic game and there's a reason it's popular. Look at the difference between Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. The first one I would argue is more universally liked, and it's because it was more basic.

I wouldn't necessarily say that the problem is the gamers but rather the developers.I think a lot of them have lost sight with what makes a game fun.

T9X693645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I think it's because the industry is doing more things now to piss gamers off, then in the past. The cost of games have gone up, cost of accessories have gone up, DLC kicked off, now DLC is getting overpriced, games are being stripped to add DLC at a later date and charge for it, online is more popular which makes MP almost a standard for most games, etc. I think for me SOCOM 1 and 2 (mostly 2) changed the way I looked on video games. That game was a fucking complete game. It had a lengthy, interesting, fun campaign. It had full fledge multiplayer mode with tons of game types, 22 fucking maps, 22!!! It was very competitive, but very FUN at the same time. Ever since then (for me at least since I played SOCOM 2 for 6 years) most games I play feel stripped. Not saying SOCOM was the only good game, hell I remember playing GTA SA for years, and it had no MP at all besides couch co-op.

Now most games focus on MP, which isn't always a bad thing, but sometimes it takes away from the single player experience. It's sad that a PS2 game has more content on a regular DVD than most games do on a Dual Layer DVD or Blu Ray. Halo Reach had tons and tons of features, but the campaign wasn't that long, and it shipped with what 9 maps? Tons of hardcore SOCOM fans waited years for a next gen SOCOM and when we got it, it had like 6 maps, online only, and wouldn't even work at launch. Sometimes it sickens me how much content can be found on a PS2 game, compared to a 360/PS3 game.

It can be hard to have fun with a $60 game, when a $50 game from 5-8 years ago has more content and replay value that can now be picked up for less than $10.

-Alpha3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Online gaming and more accessible ways of playing are both the evolution and hindering of this generation.

The ones with the biggest spines are PC gamers. Console gamers are willing to bend over pretty easily, and even PC gamers are beginning to get accustomed to no mods, paying for DLC, higher prices etc.

I do agree that online gaming is the biggest double-edged sword this gen. It's brought more good then bad but that's because people have allowed it to and devs can get away with it.

DLC, patching games without testing them, charging for withheld content, paying for online, etc are all pretty bad things. But hardcore games still do exist. And there are many "casual" games that are as enjoyable for "hardcore" gamers, who are apparently the guys that have fun.

Nitrowolf23645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

i have to say most games that era devs worked on them better considering that you really can't ship a broken game that time since there were no online patches to patch them up. Now it just seems that games with MP are being shipped and still being tested even after the game has gone gold. And yeah, idk i play a lot of game boy games, ds games, portable games and i am surprised a how much longer some of them are compared to next gen games and these are on cartidges.

DLC is just getting crazy with the prices. Just look at COD Map packs , and i only expect prices to get higher over time. Thats the issue with DLC for MP segment of a game. Devs can rush a game knowing that they can always add more later even after release. Look at games that offer only SP, most long campaign and full of contents.

Gam3s4lif33645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Because they play too much and realise it is a waste of time

Perjoss3645d ago

When you look at the big picture, no the very big picture ie. the human race is kind of pointless then every activity on planet earth can be considered a waste of time.

Call_me_Ishmael3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

what defines a hardcore gamer,or is it just some calling
used by those to make themselves feel important?

The hateful truth is we are all gamers,the only thing that sets us apart from which other is the type of games we play and why we play.

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