DamnLag - Capcom Is Screwing Up Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

DamnLag columnist with a strong love for the Marvel Vs. Capcom franchise feels that Capcom isn't approaching Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 the right way.

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MechaZain3648d ago

They don't really seem to have much of a focus. The Capcom characters seem to be niche, but the controls are casual?

Leafhopper3648d ago

The game has the new set up for controls and the classic MvC type.

Mastersnake103648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Really?? Where? Link me to this info because this is the first I've heard of it. Unless you're thinking of the game's easy-mode control scheme option that maps everything to one button. The game's main controls are 3 attack buttons like Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom.

Edward-Kraken3648d ago

"This makes it even more disappointing when they make announcements that the game won’t have any characters from games like Rival Schools, Monster Hunter, or Sengoku BASARA."

Rival Schools - not active these days. I bet they'll include a character if a new game is in the works.
Monster Hunter - the MH team didnt approve to use any MH character because to them there arent any iconic characters from the game.
Basara - not that popular in the US. I'll be expecting a Basara character if a TvC sequel is in the works.

"Or how about the fact that the game’s plot is supposed to be that Wesker and Magneto are gathering villains..."

-Wrong! It's Wesker and Doom, not Magneto.

The author seems to be one thing about some popular characters not making it in the roster: DLC or another version of the game with tons of new content. Trust me, knowing Capcom, we'll either get 10+ DLC characters or they'll announce MVC: Ultimate All Stars, if you know what I mean.

UnSelf3648d ago

Capcom are fkin idiots

They took arguably the best series of all time and flushed it down the fkin toilet

R.I.P Capcom

let MVC2 be remembered for its greatness

RockmanII73648d ago

Your just mad that BB Hood won't be in MvC3

Yi-Long3648d ago

... although those are big complaints...

For me, it's the whole art-direction they took, which I feel just fails. Most of the characters look absolutely horrible and too dark with this new art-style. It's like plastic 3D characters, not even great models btw, set in an unappealing setting. Even the fonts used look horrible.

I know they're going for a modern-day comicbook style, but it just doesn't really work.

Give me MvC2 over this any day of the week!

ComboBreaker3648d ago

Rival School characters too.

In fact, I vote for a new Rival School!

Yi-Long3648d ago

... although I'd rather see a new Power Stone. :)

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Mastersnake103648d ago

I've been feeling the same way about this game. I'll play it, but I'll probably just rent it and buy it when it's cheaper. Definitely not in a rush to play it like I was with Super Street Fighter IV.

boogeyman9993648d ago

I'm just going to do my best to keep the faith.

Masamori Sumimura3648d ago

Megaman still isnt announced. The game is an Automatic fail at this point.

Leafhopper3648d ago

He will be in the game but it depends when and what version of him will be in it.

Masamori Sumimura3648d ago

Did they really? oh well I might have missed when they posted the news here on n4g. Hopefully he's in there.

RockmanII73648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Yea Megaman will be in it. They practically confirmed that there will be a Megaman X character too, and that it won't be Megaman X. Most people's prediction lists right now regarding Megaman is Megaman Classic/Zero or Sigma/Tron Bonne. One from each of the 3 main series, Classic/X/Legends.

Mastersnake103648d ago

You know who they should put in this game? Dr. Wily. Get more villains on Capcom's side AND it would be freaking awesome.

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