Medal Of Honor Is Great, What Journalist Is Getting Paid To Say Otherwise? HHG VS The Industry Vol 2

Medal Of Honor has been shafted by many websites in the industry but is the game as bad they say?

HELL NO it's not, this game is incredible and although there's a few flaws, this game receiving a 6.0 is an insult to gamers, developers and publishers as a whole.

This video will easily outline and detail the misrepresentation of IGN once again but this time, Arthur Geise is the victim. Check it out now

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lazysey3648d ago

HHG is right about it being a good game and all, but the people who already hate call of duty and are tired of its saturation don't need a half-assed version of cod in the market alongside it.

KyRo3647d ago

MOH's campaign was really well done IMO. It was defiantly the most believe-able out of all the other modern shooters, maybe it's because I know stuff like this is really happening right this minute. I love the COD single player but that's more OTT hollywood action than MOH single player.

Multiplayer was a let down but maybe I was hoping for a more BFBC2 style of play. I'd give it easily an 8 out of 10 but there's definite room for improvement mainly in the multiplayer.

duplissi3647d ago

i can attest to the realism and believability as ive recieved much of the training to do such things.

no other game comes close, well maybe operation flashpoint dragon rising but that game sucked.

FishCake9T43647d ago

You obviously dont play games on PC.

Razmossis3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

MoH was exactly the game I expected it to be, not doing anything different, not breaking any moulds, typical in every way.

It's funny, even though this is the first game in what's supposed to be a fresh and revitalised franchise... playing through it, it already felt milked lol

duplissi3647d ago

lol, no i dont.. but i have heard arma 2's reputation, not sure why i didnt think of it. oh well

nycredude3647d ago

There are definitely alot of COD fanboys in the Media. COD gets rated higher than all other shooters yet I enjoyed Battlefield BC 2 sp and mp much better. Everyone I know who played MOH told me it isn't as bad as the press it's getting so I agree with HHG here... However is every freaking game "incredible" to HHG or something!?

raztad3647d ago

Agree nycdude

Some of my PSN friends bought it and told me game is good. I cant get myself to buy it tho. I feel EA rushed the game to market. Fix the SP campaign bugs, complete the multiplayer and then if someone is still playing online after CoD:BO launches I'll get it.

simplyRealistic183647d ago

i dont understand this, so now people are being payed to give MULTIPLATFORM games low scores, HHG is such a pathetic fanboy


you dont understand, HHG always kiss all these developers asses because he 's mad he don't get free games to review

Him and Tor (from the bitbag) bitch every week about how even tho these sites get free game, they still give games low scores,

so by logic , they are saying, if you get a game for free to review, you shouldn't give it a low score

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vhero3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Why you think activision have started charging an extra £5 for games?? So they make extra profit?? NO. That extra cash is to buy off people like reviewers it's a cut throat market unfortunately and even developers sink that low. I mean they even fired there own guys so they didn't have to pay them rights for the last COD game. Thus if they lower game sales on the rival game the higher sales on there own and expansions. It's all money, money, money. Thats why them and MS do deals together they are perfect for each other.
MOH might not be a 10/10 but Bad company 2 was a far better game than MW2 and yet MW2 not only outsold it but smashed it in reviews?? The power of money! not because it was a better game.

StanLee3647d ago

You're an idiot! Sadly, you're indicative of the majority of's audience and that's why this site's community is in such a bad shape.

-Alpha3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Bad Company 2's Multiplayer was great but the Single Player was much poorer than that of Modern Warfare 2's and lacked a co-op mode that MW2 also had.

As for MP, reviewers tend to graze over it, they never check it out in detail. MW2's problem arose after a week or two when people started exploiting the things. Most reviews judge MP on the basis of it works and if it seems to have depth. You cannot pit MW2 vs BC2 like this since they are two different games.

MW2 definitely had the hype behind it to help with its scores, but the SP was better put together than BC2's which was more of an afterthought to the multiplayer.

As always, HHG overrates and overhypes everything to make it look like there is some sort of conspiracy against a game. He's done this with numerous games. He talks about stepping up to a challenge but backs out when he is in the hot-seat. This vidicle series has no value coming from someone who rates games 12/10

rroded3647d ago

n so their being paid...

sad look at how many of us hate kinect yet no ones payin us (well me at least lol)

Kaneda3647d ago

gamers and HHG like MOH.. reviewers & COD fanboys dislike MOH..

THE TRUTH3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Im so down on ign after Greg millers killzone 3 beta code giveaway ordeal. Anyone.who was part of that travesty knows what I'm talking about. Im glad that we as gamers have someone with passion to call out these big sites. Even of you choose to disagree with HHG at least we know he will speak truth and battle these sites. big ups to HHG!

Parapraxis3647d ago

"Medal Of Honor Is Great" really? just "great"???

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Nitrowolf23648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

i played the beta for MoH i liked it, thinking all the bugs would be fixed in the final version i was wrong. The storyline feels bland, i mean i guess COD ruined it for me. The graphics for the game sometimes they look amazing and other times it just looks ugly. This game is more then a little buggy, texture popping, and it's a lot more hne just 2 parts of the game this game suffers from a lot of Frame rate issue, in the intro when the car is backing up and driving fast i expereinced a ton of framerate cluttering or what ever it was. I had it through pretty much the whole game. I agree with the score of 7.

Framerate issue doesn't happen in just a few parts of the game like you keep claiming, i played the game start to finish, in literally every level i had framerate issues, he11 that was one of the many complaint in most reviews.

The online, i had hopes it would get fixed, but it is laggy as hell

The thing i hate about reviews, is like you said, is the lack of supporting details. I understand your frustration on the detailing.

Comparing this to Halo reach well the issue is, Halo Reach isn't filled with bugs, the campaign is about the same length 5-8 hours. I think for me it was just all the framerate issue that made the experience feel less streamless since i would always see it dropping.

The MP maps, idk how many there are but for the time i had it rented i only had 4 maps, a mountain one with little houses, a snow one, a city one, and an airplane one. And yes this game was laggy as hell, and my time hearing mic online most were complaining about the game issues.

Ju3647d ago

What you talking about? That game isn't any more buggy than any other BC game. The more I play the MP the more I like it. The only complaint I have is I want more content. BC has more depth.

I agree with HHG. I cannot see how this can get a 6.

Chapulin3648d ago

No other game even comes close to the sound of MoH.
As far as the lean and peak and going prone in multi. It happens in K2 also. GG said it would just slow the pace of the multi player game. I like the game and yeah I feel IGN did not give it a proper review.

Gam3s4lif33648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I like is similar to CoD (like campaign)....
played the beta, its alright

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