RUMOR: Google TV Coming to PS3 in Spring Update

SideQuesting: GoogleTV, already integrated into upcoming Sony Blu Ray players, and Android rumored to be behind the Playstation Phone, is rumored to make a debut on the PS3 this Spring.

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MeatPopsicle3650d ago

That would be incredible.

Certainly makes sense given Sony and Google's current work together on Google TV hardware.

fr0sty3650d ago

google chrome, cell phone control, DVR capability, all on ps3... yeah.

WildArmed3650d ago

google chrome on the ps3 would make my day :)

No more unresponsive browsing!

Although w/ the Netflix XMB integration, i rarely use the browser anymore.

Whenever I want to watch a movie, i just start up netflix :D

RememberThe3573650d ago

Netflix is the shit. I've been watching 30 Rock for days now. Catching up on movies I haven't seen and shows I missed is awesome.

OneSneakyMofo3650d ago

If this happens and it's exclusive, say goodbye to the other consoles as far as media content goes.

Red_Orange_Juice3649d ago

give us Google Chrome already for heaven's sake

leonlion3649d ago

i wonder if they can run chrome with 256mb of ram

ComboBreaker3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

You can easily run Chrome with only 256 MB of ram.

Anyway, GoogleTV or at least running the Android Platform on the PS3 would be so awesome. Having access to all those Android Apps on the Market is going to reeks so much of pure awesomeness!

AAACE53649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

That will be good sh*t if true! I got 250 Gb's to play with!

EDIT: Hell yeah, get Netflix, it's worth it! Those cable movie channels don't offer enough in my opinion. The worst thing that could happen is you have to wait a few months before that season ends up on netflix.

a08andan3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Well what a lot of people seems to be forgetting is that the XDR RAM used in the ps3 is much faster than that which you use in a PC. The ps3 XDR RAM runs in 3.2 Ghz while the normal PC probably have 1066, 1333 or 1600 Mhz memory today. Hell I upgraded from 4GB 800 mhz memory earlier this year :). And XDR RAM as it is now has the capacity to run in 4 Ghz. Although development has begun towards 8ghz XDR RAM :)

ABizzel13649d ago

Sony and Google have become best friends.

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Projekt7tuning3649d ago

It is a good idea and I would be happy if they did that. But since their trying to sell new TVs with this service as a selling point, wouldn't that in theory infringe on the sales of new Bravia's?
Which would make more in the long run, the new TV sale or an update for the PS3? I know it will also be a selling point for future PS3 sales as well but interesting debate none the less. Would it make sense to split the services so you buy all of Sony's products together, or Apply it all to get a sale regardless?

Lacerz3649d ago

However, Sony is also offering it with their Blu-Ray players, so wouldn't that have the same effect? Ultimately, I think the PS3 would be the best option. People who don't have one would be more likely to get the PS3 since it has Blu-Ray and Google TV (not to mention the game console itself) as opposed to a new TV.

Something Sony may do is make the upgrade a one time fee for those who are interested... would you pay? And how much?

MNicholas3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Google's interface sucks. The available content unimpressive as well.

Hopefully they will redesign the UI for the PS3.

yewles13650d ago

I don't want to PAY for higher quality YouTube vids when the browser IS capable of just such.

trounbyfire3650d ago

it not just the browser it a dvr man open you eyes.

we hardly watch the movie channels in my house. I just watch a few shows on HBO and showtime like true blood,dexter,real time so that one day of the week watch but pay for the whole package

Godmars2903650d ago

You'd be better off dropping all of your movie channels and just getting netflix.

If you can't stand watching HBO shows as they come out, you could buy them off PSN and still spend less money.

divideby03649d ago

^ has netflix IV improved. When it came out on the 360, I tried it and all the IV stuff was old, most seasons were 2 back and even the newest movies were old and B rate, compare to Cable.

HBO to us is one of the best channels. Just look at the content compared to other channels.

Godmars2903649d ago

To be honest I've yet to go back to Netflix, got tired of paying a $1 extra for BR movies I was waiting a month or more to get, but just looking over what's available on streaming will likely make me go back.

The only question you really have to ask is when do you need to see a show. The night that it airs, or a few days, weeks or months.

Call_me_Ishmael3650d ago

im not currently living in the states but do we have to pay for google tv or for just the stuff we want?

Newtype3650d ago

That's not how Google TV works.

unknown1003650d ago

YAY!!! A good Tv finally!! I hope is available throughout Deutschland and the US.

Anyone love Deutschland???

fucadastates3649d ago

dont love germany, but i love danish - good to eat ;)

CountDracula3650d ago


The PS3 is not a good invesment. I'm a telling you

yewles13650d ago


Zune, Kin and Kinect are not good investments. I'm telling you.

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