The CFD! Staff’s Scariest Gaming Experiences

Halloweek comes to an end at Crush! Frag! Destroy! and the staff flash back to some of their scariest moments in gaming:

"As brave as the editors of CFD! are, sometimes that certain moment in that certain game can still reduce us to vulnerable, quivering infants. These are (mostly) rare occasions, keep in mind, and we’re only sharing them with all of you on account of it being Halloween and all.

"So get comfortable, dim the lights, pull up that trough of candy you’ve collected, and have a hearty, mirthful laugh at our collected cowardice."

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RobsteinOne3650d ago

I could also add a third "scariest moment" from Silent Hill 3. The mannequin room. That is all.

ShadowPraxis3650d ago

The series as a whole has a lot of good ones.

Ndigity3649d ago

All of which I still need to play.

ShadowPraxis3649d ago

Wait - you've never played ANY of the Silent Hill games? o.O

RobsteinOne3649d ago

I'm tempted to hit the "report" button on him now. :P

SynGamer3649d ago

Just about any moment from Fatal Frame and/or Silent Hill.