Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review - Amnesia: The Dark Descent

CFD!'s Beki Sutcliffe explores the limits of fear and sanity in this new PC title from the team behind the Penumbra games:

"It’s not often that a game will begin by telling you to not even try to fend off the creatures it throws at you. And even less often will you come across a game that will explicitly tell you to just run away. But as you fire up Frictional Games’ latest survival horror-fest, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you’re warned to do just that.

"Having no way to defend yourself at all is something that separates Amnesia from the rest of the bunch – you are completely powerless, other than to hide in the darkest corners you can find, with the creaking sounds of the castle walls and the footsteps of unmentionable creatures closing in making you almost too afraid to breathe."

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RobsteinOne3650d ago

I was thinking about it when I heard about the sale on Steam, then I read this review and decided I should get it. Then I found out the sale was over. :(

ShadowPraxis3650d ago

Yeah that was kinda BS since the sale implied it was still going to be going on the 1st. I was planning to pick it up today, but the offer was gone. Still, from what I hear, it's worth the money either way.

Ndigity3650d ago

As much as I usually avoid games like this, I think I'll probably end up playing it at some point.

SynGamer3650d ago

Of course I see something that looks interesting and the sale is over...

acronkyoung3650d ago

I read an article on Bitmob about this game and it sounded really interesting. I might have to check it out.

RogueCheddar3649d ago

I want this real bad, but I'm waiting until it's on sale, because I'm cheap.

..wait, what? It was on sale over the weekend? god damn it.

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