PSN's The Tester "a foundation for something much bigger"

If you are anything like me, you were intrigued by the idea of "The Tester" but ultimately disappointed in the execution. I wasn't really sure what the series was lacking but it was definitely lacking *something*. Apparently PSN director Susan Panico thought higher of the title.

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KILLERAPP3646d ago

This got more viewership than G4 lol, no wonder Direct TV said F you, let’s see if G4 steps up or just dies a slow death…

bshubinsky3646d ago

It'll just die. I used to only watch it for AoTS but haven't watched since Munn left.

KILLERAPP3646d ago

I used to love the old Tech TV I watch every day, it had greats shows but now there are only two video games shows and you could say one cause AOTS is general things just not gaming still if G4 does fall maybe some else might create another channel with just games…

NecrumSlavery3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

G4 plays and supports COPS and Cheaters. That is why it's a fail. Only show left on G4 is XPLAY, AOTS(Both techtv shows). Even CHEAT! is now just a spot on XPLAY. SPIKE gets their own more popular Awards, plus E3 and other convention coverage. I miss the classics, but they are long gone. As game network that plays nothing about videogames. Why cant they even put FEEDBACK on TV? There is no reason to go to G4, since they play everything plus 10000x more on the net for free.

As for the TESTER, this new season looks good. They really need to give a tougher application for next season. That WAR PRINCESS girl came out and said she doesn;t even own a PS3 and studied over night. And the MAX1M idiot said every game he missed on the trivia sucked. Called himself a sports and shooter guy. Sad POS. They did add a model(adrian curry), who looks like an idiot but is hot. I am excited to the guest judges this season. The director of GOW3 Sig was on and really made people feel like ants, when they tried to act like they were the greatest gamer ever...

It's going to be a fun season.

UNCyrus3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I also approve of this message

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

This season have a lot more Girls than boy this time, going to be interesting.

Sunny_D3645d ago

Not only that but apparently we also have a GAYmer as well.

Nitrowolf23645d ago

yeah i noticed that in the survey i took today asking about the show

LordMarius3645d ago

and. Why is that a big deal?

NecrumSlavery3645d ago

It's not a big deal. But GAYmer is a blantant attempt to be open to the gay community. I just hope there's not bias or outrage. I'd hate to see GLAAD attack Sony.


That is why there are more Girls than boys this time.

GLoRyKnoT3645d ago

Quote from director: "The first 8 episodes garnered 2.5 million downloads which is probably more than the total viewership of G4 over the past 8 months" lol BURN!

A higher production value was badly needed!

Redempteur3645d ago

it was needed ..

now they'll compete over games a little more and the teamwork challenges will have more pacing overall ..i hope they'll do something to prevent the formation of a winning team right from the start .. "that event" prevented anyone else from winning really .

clintos593645d ago

I even sent a video but I wasnt going to act like a lil b!tch and suck up to them to pick me but my dream is to work in the gaming industry as a story writer. My favorite games are games with great stories. Its why Shadow of the colossus, metal gear solid, final fantasy 8, are a few games that made me fall in love with them. I would love to work with sony because they give u alot of freedom. Hopefully one day my dream comes true.

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