KH:BbS Final Mix /Dissidia 0120 screens of Cloud, new content

Some new screenshots of the content additions to Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix for PSP, which comes out in Japan in January. Additionally, former Kingdom Hearts star Cloud Strife gets to wear his old outfit in the upcoming Dissidia sequel.

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imoutofthecontest3650d ago

Wait a minute...

If this takes place 15 years earlier, and even Zack (older than Cloud) is just a kid (teen) does Cloud look the same? Is he traveling through time? o_O

Edward-Kraken3650d ago

its about 10 years before KH1.

imoutofthecontest3650d ago

AH, OK, 10 years--sorry. My question still remains though. Is he time-travelin' or what? x_x

Greek God3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

is not related to dissidia
this just dlc!

Edit: whoops sry i thougt you meant sth else lol

knifefight3649d ago

That's not in Birth by Sleep, that's in Dissidia. Cloud's not actually IN the game, you get a code with it to unlock his alternate outfit. It was a bit confusing.

Edward-Kraken3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Hohohoho. US/EU fans get screwed again.

btw, F*** Cloud! This guy (new secret boss) is more badass.

edit: and also, why Cloud AGAIN? why not bring someone else, like Genesis or some other FF dude.

imoutofthecontest3650d ago

Do we know who that guy is? I'm curious.
Sucks that this prolly won't come out in English though =/

Otheros003649d ago

That guy is in the us and eu version but not the original jp version.

Cheeseknight283649d ago

Cloud is for Dissidia, not Birth By Sleep. The only thing new in these screenshots is a Pete D-link for Ventus.

knifefight3650d ago

SE should really offer this stuff as a $2-$5 DLC instead of ask people to buy what is surely 98% the same game most of them bought a year earlier.

Bass_fisherman3649d ago

Cloud + Sephiroth + Vincent = Cloud KH ver.

knifefight3649d ago

With walk-in music by Gackt.

Arnagrim3649d ago

Loved it, mostly because every character had their own playstyle. If Square-Enix can add new characters while having them still play unique I'll buy this day one. but if it ends up like Brawl where characters start sharing moves I'll pass.
Hope they find a way to fix Ex-Death so he can be used in tournament play. And hope they don't go screwing with the game by adding new moves or changing move attributes (Jecht Block priority, etc), if they touch Jecht I'll be pissed.

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