Is Gaming All About Graphics

We Got This Covered looks at an important issue in gaming, graphics. Why are gamers so concerned with them? Do they really make a game? Is it important to have good graphics? Can you still have fun with a game that has bad graphics? We Got These Covered takes a look at all this and tries to give an answer.

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Jio3643d ago

Well it isnt about the graphics but they certainly help. As gaming evolves the strive for better graphics will continue, but it will never be only about the graphics.

Gam3s4lif33643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

yep i dont need good gfx to be fun.
Think about it...later wen a new xbox, ps3 etc comes out, ppl will still like playing the old games.

piroh3642d ago

good graphics is like icing on the cake. god i love my PS3

Motion3642d ago

Good graphics pull you in, good gameplay keeps you there.

TheHip143643d ago

ye I think I agree, I still love playing old N64 games and the graphics on those games are god awful compared to what we have today

jony_dols3643d ago

I love playing oldies such as Goldeneye, Zelda, Crash, MGS, Sonic ect.

But I think some of the enjoyment we derive from playing older video games is a nostalgia effect, and it helps cover up some of their faults......

Good graphics are key for presentation and it adds to both the story and the gameplay. For some reason, i doubt i would have enjoyed Uncharted 2 as much, if it was released on lets say the commodore 64....

TheHip143643d ago

ye your right nostalgia is a factor but they are still fun, the mechanics and the gameplay is fun and entertaining, despite the bad graphics

MJ19913643d ago

in this generation I think they do matter, you have to keep up with the times

RaymondM3643d ago

Well today good graphics are needed especially since games arent as good as they used to be. But then again, bad looking games used to look amazing for the time, look at Ocarina of time, looks bad now, but it was astonishing at the time

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