GamesWeasel: Vanquish Review

GW: "There are two things we in the West can say about Japanese games. The first thing is they’re nearly always hardcore, the second is that if they’re not incredibly tough they’re usually very weird. Vanquish falls into the hardcore category and at first it’ll take you a while to get used to everything that’s going on in the battlefield."

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MJ19913818d ago

sleeper hit of the year?

ironfist923818d ago

That title belongs to Enslaved

guzman3817d ago

Lol, Enslaved! Enjoy your floaty controls, shallow combat and lack of challenge.

guzman3817d ago

Yes, sleeper hit of the year.

Athlon3818d ago

Picked this up at Kmart for $17. I had a $20 off coupon from buying Castlevania: Lords of Shadow plus Kmart is selling Vanquish for $34.99. At $17, I couldn't resist not buying the game even though it's really short. lol