(Gameplay Video) Ghouls in Space in Fallout: New Vegas

Paul writes, "Yesterday we showed you the Ghouls Meet Their Maker in Fallout: New Vegas but today we have a special treat for you. With the same human convinced he's a ghoul, you will see how your character helps these ghouls make it into space!

Beyond that, you can catch a glimpse of Boone's segment in the game including a nice and gore-filled head-shot. Leave your comments and feedback on what you want to see next from everyone's favorite Western RPG Shooter."

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JsonHenry3646d ago

D'oh! You didn't correct the flight plan on the control panel next to the launch lever for the extra XP!!!

Hitman07693646d ago

Lol good point you can do that with a programmer's guide!

Hitman07693646d ago

Wow @ the Ghouls going to space... creative and pretty funny, nice one Obsidian.

-Mezzo-3646d ago

Still haven't bought this game, Damn you cash.

BeOneWithTheGun3646d ago

You can get 1 game out for 10 bucks a month. That gives you 6 months to play before you spent the 60 bucks.

Hayabusaman3646d ago

This game is awesome with days of game play

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The story is too old to be commented.