HonestGamers retro review // Haunted Casino

Sho writes: "No gaming collection is truly complete without bowing down in supplication to the Sega Saturn, that mighty hoard of import classics whose old-school awesomeness are matched only by their equally outrageous price tags. Lurking beneath the copies of Keio Yugekitai and Cotton Boomerang, however, is a seamy underbelly of softcore porn games that sometimes cost even more, games like this unusually themed but typically wretched adult gambling sim that artlessly fuses pixelated FMVs, tedious exploration and downright unfair gameplay with a veritable onslaught of supple, Satanic skin. Even ignoring the cost to one's immortal soul it's often almost insultingly expensive, placing it well beneath my notice until encountering a complete set almost as cheap as the card-flinging floozies."

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Pedantic913644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Are they reviewing something that was released in 1996 ?
Yeah, yeah.. i know, retro review. but still, ya could've picked something less obscure.