Crazy Russian Guy Destroys His Copy of Modern Warfare 2

With only a few days until the highly anticipated CoD: Black Ops releases.. A crazy Russian guy going by the name of “FPSRussia” on YouTube has taken the liberty of completely destroying his copy of MW2.

He literally shoots it multiple times with two different pistols, as well as akimbo shotguns & then finishes off by setting it on fire.

.. Seriously, Don’t take my word for it.. Watch it below!

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RedDead3649d ago

"Over here Stalker, I have something that might interest you."

(bang bang....loot)

3649d ago
getonmylev3l3649d ago

The funny thing is that he really isn't russian...

True story

Winter47th3648d ago

wow he just went shotgun-akimbo on it which was probably the main reason for hating MW2 lol

3649d ago
NarooN3649d ago


coolbeans3650d ago

Wonder what he'd do to me (face-to-face) if I gave him my review on MW2. *gulp*

cool cole3649d ago

He won't do anything as long as you gave it a poor score... I mean, you did give it a poor score, didn't you?

coolbeans3648d ago

That's why I gulped. *hides in fear* :P

BattleAxe3649d ago

Don't worry Coolbeans, I gotchyo back!

CaptainKratos3649d ago

haha nice. i will have nice day, thank you.

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The story is too old to be commented.