IGN Game of the Month October

Overall, October was a rockin' month for video games. And it's a good thing, too, because we were huddled inside all month long, hiding from werewolves. And because we have neither the knowhow nor the wherewithal to craft silver bullets, we decided to pass the time playing games instead. It was a welcome distraction from the gnawing fear. But, being IGN editors, we couldn't be satisfied with just any games. We had to play the best. These are the games that wowed us in October.

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seinfan3650d ago

Kirby for the Wii. lmao

killzowner3650d ago

there's a better one for the wii?

killzowner3649d ago

How did 9 people disagree with him laughing at it being kirby and I got disagrees for taking the choice of kirby for the wii seriously? :S

Imperator3650d ago

It's actually pretty good. Simple, but fun. I enjoyed it.

despair3650d ago

why is Kirby a funny choice? The game looks great, albeit the story is really childish but who cares, I love the gameplay.

Seferoth753649d ago

Nah what is really funny is how PS3 is multi platform title and its all about the exclusives... LOL. Now that sh!t is funny.

At least Kirby is a quality title we havent played in 15 years or so. I am sure you casual gamers will be eating up your 3rd helping of Rockband in 3 years.

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3650d ago
SilverSlug3650d ago

to get game of the month for 360/PS3. Lame. Platinum Games ftw.

teedogg803649d ago

Castlevania LoS would have been my pick for PS3/360. So underrated. It's a shame really.

killzowner3649d ago

Actually yeah WTF!?!?! rock band is nothing compared to castlevania: LOS
Even less respect for IGN