G4TV: The Shoot Review

As a light gun game The Shoot is simple and, occasionally, a little fun. As a downloadable title from the PSN for $15 or so it’d be a solid addition to your portfolio of Move demonstration games when friends ask “What the heck are those glowing lollipop things?” However, as a Blu-ray release, even a discounted one, it’s a hard sell. There’s little replayability, minimal gameplay, and zero innovation. It’s a simple cash grab for gamers desperate for Move games, and you’d be better off spending that cash elsewhere.

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jack_burt0n3650d ago

Oh really, zero innovation, G4TV renders its shaky standing worthless yet again.

Its getting to the point where consumer reviews written by serious gamers are the only thing worth paying any attention to.

blackburn53650d ago

Never will trust G4 again. At first i thought they were cool but they have really gone down hill. Their reviews have really become biased and unreasonable. Zero innovation? It is a rail shooter. I didn't see them complaining about lack of innovation when they gave House of the Dead a great score.'those glowing lollipop things'? Is that the professional term for a Move?