Black Ops Zombies: Why It’s Controversial – OXCGN Speaks Out

OXCGN writes:

"Call of Duty: Black Ops is shaping up to be the best [selling] game of 2010, and one of the biggest attractions is the game’s post-campaign Zombie mode.

"World at War had an extremely entertaining mode called Nazi Zombies, and Black Ops will continue with the mode. But this time, Treyarch isn’t focusing on nameless soldiers bound by coincidence: they’re using real-world figures.

"And these figures? They’re not random people, as in the original. In fact, they’re some of the most important people in the past fifty years of our world. The names of these four assailants of the undead are John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Robert McNamara and Fidel Castro."

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gaminoz3643d ago

I'm not American so I'm not as horrified, but I don't think it makes much sense. I mean Fidel Castro protecting the Pentagon?

I think we Australians would find it funny if our PMs were fighting zombies, but we don't have as much reverence for our leaders...

Proeliator3643d ago

The author really expressed how it is to an American point of view.

But yes, it does not make sense. But I don't think it would be Nazi zombies if it made sense...

AndrewRyan3643d ago

I am Canadian so I don't understand, but I think it is pretty funny. And how is having the former president and fidel castro killing zombies worse then being a terrorist and actually killing people ( in game of course.)

People are over reacting haha.

MMFGaming3643d ago

I'm American and honestly I don't see why anyone would be upset about this at all. Public figures are regularly ridiculed and parodied --the office of president earns you no special consideration.

"You simply don’t demean JFK in any way; it’s an American thing. You don’t make fun of him, you don’t undermine him, and you most certainly do NOT put him in something such as this. Kids that play this game are going to know John F. Kennedy not as one of the most notable Presidents in history, but as the guy who killed zombies in the Pentagon with Richard Nixon, McNamara and, of all people, Castro."

Like I stated earlier, Americans are notorious for demeaning or parodying our leaders. Family Guy and Robot Chicken do this regularly, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is now a book, and SNL never passes up a chance to poke fun at our politicians.

Are they offensive? Sure, but that's what makes them funny. However, no one is outraged by them.

And honestly, if kids grow up thinking JFK was the guy who killed zombies, then that only highlights what a dismal job our public education system is doing.

PinchoVe3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

"And honestly, if kids grow up thinking JFK was the guy who killed zombies, then that only highlights what a dismal job our public education system is doing."

Most of the kids today dont even know who Kennedy was, at least the game might pique their interest to click on the wikipedia page and learn a bit.

Sitris3643d ago

I personally wouldn't try very hard to stay alive if i was playing as K-Rudd or Julia Gilard haha but i would fight for as long as i could for Little Johny Howard.

XboxOZ3603643d ago

WHile I'm against zombies being placed in just about every game coming out of late, it's getting boring developers!, I'm not adverse to them wanting to increase sales of course.

But when they choose controversial topics to raise public attention in order to raise profits, that's where I draw the line.

BadCircuit3643d ago

Well all the shooters are doing the 'get publicity any way you can through controversy thing': MOH, MW 2...Okay Halo didn't.

T9X693643d ago

What games? RDR? Everyone knew Black Ops would have Zombies before it was even announced.

BadCircuit3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Oops double post, sorry.

BadCircuit3643d ago

So they try to make a realistic war game and then add these zombie multiplayer bits to them. Why don't they just have a single player game and a multiplayer game: they seem that different anyway!

Belgavion3643d ago

Zombies are the new vampires!

Hooshuwashu3643d ago

But Twilight killed vampires...

BadCircuit3643d ago

Sure did! Sparkly loving vamps..

soundslike3643d ago

not only did twilight kill vampires but TALKING about how twilight killed vampires is also dead.

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