Will Xbox 360 XNA succeed where Sony failed?

When Microsoft allows would-be developers to develop Xbox 360 games from their own homes, it won't be the first time a major console company has opened up its hardware to consumer coders. In 1997, Sony released the Net Yaroze, a system of coding tools that allowed consumers to develop for the original PlayStation.

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A piss poor ps1 like dev kit, is not in the same ball park. lol I'm going to make an game like Super Monkey Ball but with Baboons and blood, and i will make it at "Home" with out a "Dev-Kit" on my "PC".

DJ5382d ago

without a 360 dev kit? Does XNA somehow convert x86 Out-of-order code into powerPC In-order code?

Sounds impossible/ridiculous, but if it's really that powerful then damn. And even if that's true they'd have to include a damn good emulator.

Sony's supposed to be including Linux on the PS3 (which is free!) so it'll be great to see what kind of wacky homebrew applications come out of that. Sadly though, they haven't given any specifics on how that's going to work.

Jay da 2KBalla5382d ago (Edited 5382d ago )

everyone knows that microsoft has better development tools than sony so yes xna will succeed where sony failed. also dj u r wrong. xna is better dev tools than what is currently out and when bundled with directx10 its even better. Also, neither directx10 or xna is out yet.

BIadestarX5382d ago (Edited 5382d ago )

you again.

ACE5381d ago

you r so biased .....

so what home brew did you do on the ps2 ? it had linex and it was free lol lol you r so stupid.....

Jay da 2KBalla5382d ago


Also homebrew softwar is enabled for 360.


ME Too, Sony me too. PS3's a POS with "me too" writen all over it.

UNREAL-T5382d ago

Micosoft is following sony, they are doing what sony is doing. "I'm not talking about this article".

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