What You Didn't Know About BioShock Infinite's Engine

The original BioShock had impressive visuals (among other things), but the tech team at Irrational Games realized that the same engine wouldn't meet the requirements for BioShock Infinite. Irrational's Technical Director Chris Kline explains some of the intricacies of BioShock Infinite's engine and how it has changed.

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Fishy Fingers3643d ago

Just in case anyone's wondering, you have to scroll down to "IG.Kline" post for the actual information.

-Ikon-3643d ago

But it's still just the Unreal Engine. Nothing to see here people move on.

Thrillhouse3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Obviously you didn't watch the 10 minute gameplay released a while ago (or you're just a troll, which is more likely).

Infinite is looking incredible.

likedamaster3643d ago

What's your beef with Unreal engine, I'm curious? And please don't say it's ugly, that is art direction not the engine.

jony_dols3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Look what 2K Boston did with the incredibly dated UE2.5 (used in Bio2), they optimized it so much, that it is still holds up well in 2010....

From the gameplay footage that I saw of in Bio Infinite,
they've done the same with UE3.

tmoss7263643d ago

Also you can't say Mass Effect 2 is not one of the best looking games this gen.

DORMIN3643d ago

Can't wait to play this!

Bioshock is one of my favorite new IPs this gen.

tacosRcool3642d ago

It's gonna be one of the most anticipated games for 2012!

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DigitalAnalog3643d ago

"The very ground beneath your feet could fall out of the sky at any moment, which makes for some awesome gameplay and visuals but required us to create a completely new technology that we're calling "Floating World"."

After watching the HD video on PSN. I can safely say that this is the BEST implementation of the UE. But it seems to me they have HEAVILY modified the UE3 as they have stated earlier that: "CryEngine 3, UE3, id Tech 5 are designed and optimized for static environments"

Since UE is under that category, they are now utilizing NEW tech based on the UE3. Might as well call it a different engine while we're at it.

**Although, I'm pretty surprised he was pretty aware of the capabilities on the CryEngine 3 and idTech5 engines.

-End statement

gypsygib3643d ago

Developers should learn from this....Bungie ahem...Reach.

kaveti66163643d ago

Reach looks awesome, man. It's only in places far removed from the main scenery where there are low res textures. Every other game in existence that has competent developers does that with their games.

BrutallyBlunt3642d ago

If you cannot see the improvements technically from Halo 3 to Halo Reach then i really don't know what to say. Reach does some amazing things technically. It also supports Forge and many other features, so there's more to it than just graphics.

gypsygib3642d ago

Sure reach improved over Halo 3, but the game has some serious ghosting/framerate problems. I'd prefer less detailed textures and a no ghosting/framerate problems. The graphics are a 7-8.

lzim3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

most importantly on a limited system where they can't even run the game at fll resolution.

It'll be fun seeing them make a PC game where such limitations are more relaxed on the high end.

Nihilism3643d ago

Sounds good, the footage so far looks mind blowing.

I just hope the game has higher textures and AA support this time around.

What is it with this deferred rendering B.S though...why not HDR.

Smoke and mirrors ftl.

CountDracula3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

bill hicks sucks donkey bollocks.

on topic- this games gonna suck!

Since when have emo/goth chicks been part of early 20th century America?! -_-

Edit: vvv Oh RLY?

I don't see anybody dressing up as bill hicks for Halloween, or go see him in a movie! lol

Nihilism3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Of our two avatars I think it's safe to say that Bill Hicks is funnier and more intelligent than Mike Myers, even in death he is still funnier and more intelligent that Mike Myers.

"On February 25, 2004, British MP Stephen Pound tabled an early day motion titled "Anniversary of the Death of Bill Hicks" (EDM 678 of the 2003-04 session), the text of which was as follows:

“That this House notes with sadness the 10th anniversary of the death of Bill Hicks, on 26th February 1994, at the age of 33; recalls his assertion that his words would be a bullet in the heart of consumerism, capitalism and the American Dream; and mourns the passing of one of the few people who may be mentioned as being worth [sic] of inclusion with Lenny Bruce in any list of unflinching and painfully honest political philosophers"

How will Mike Myers be remembered? ( he won't be )

"I don't see anybody dressing up as bill hicks for Halloween"

lol, kids dressing up as Mike Myers, and Bill Hicks being honoured in British Parliament...that says a lot about your values. How old are you?


Exactly my point, it is el-cheapo HDR. Smoke and mirrors used to sacrifice quality for the sake of consoles. Like you said, it is generally incompatible with AA...and I don't know what your standards are but no AA sucks.

BlackKnight3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

HDR is not related to deferred rendering...Uncharted 2 has nice HDR and deferred rendering. It is quite possible that Halo Reach uses deferred rendering for lights as well, there are a HUGE amount of dynamic lights in Reach (each needle shot from the needler emits its own light source). And we know how good the HDR is in Reach, near "artifact" free (no blocking blooming), something near all console games' HDR can't say. Same goes for Cryengine 3, it has EXCELLENT HDR and deferred rendering (Not sure if the HDR will be as excellent on the consoles as PC, doubt it).

HDR lets you have a very large contrast ratio, beyond that of the display, and having the game/rendering adjust "exposure" like an eye or camera does as it enters lighter or darker areas.

Deferred rendering has nothing to do with HDR and contrast ratios. Deferred rendering is a different way to render objects and how lighting is rendered/applied to them, using a G-buffer. This is a new approach, compared to forward rendering.

kaveti66163643d ago

Deferred rendering is worse than HDR? I don't know about this stuff so if you could elaborate just a bit.

OpenGL3643d ago

Those two things are not mutually exclusive. Deferred rendering allows for many dynamic lights to be on screen without hurting performance. Traditional hardware anti-aliasing does not work, but there are some pretty decent work-arounds available.

KILLERAPP3643d ago

“BioShock Infinite based on Deferred Lighting (a technique used in Uncharted 2, CryEngine3, and Killzone 2)” Nice the game is looking good, I did love the first one but I didn’t play part two but I might give this one a chance…

spunnups3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

The sequel is okay but the ending is one of the worst ever. More weapons than the first but you can just tell the original developers didnt make it. Story was meh and it just didnt have the same mystique as that first time you set foot into Rapturel. I'd still give it a rent if i were you.

KILLERAPP3643d ago

Might give a rent but the next months are heavy with games but once all comes down and is dry season once more ill rent it…

AKS3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

What?! Bioshock 2's ending was considerably better than the original's. Bioshock 1 peaked at 2/3 into the game. The last 1/3 of Bioshock seemed like they ran out of time and money or something and was quite average following the big twist. Bioshock 2 never reached the heights of Fort Frolic in the original, but it was more consistent in quality and peaked towards the end of the game. Overall, Bioshock 1 and 2 were of similar quality. I'd rate both around the 8 to 8.5 out of 10 range.

maverick403643d ago

is amazing game, if you liked the first you will love this. Its faster, more weapons and you get to be a big daddy for god sake!!

3643d ago
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