Top 5 Video Game Villains

Play Tribune writes: "Come on, let’s face it – we all like a great villain. In novels and movies, the bad guy is invariably more interesting than the hero. They often have more personality, more charisma, more compelling back-stories and, more often than not, a whole host of memorable lines and idiosyncrasies. Think Darth Vader in Star Wars, or Long John Silver in Treasure Island. The villains of the piece are usually so much more compelling than the clean-cut heroes."

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Ziriux3650d ago

I like the choice of Portal on the list. Bison doesn't seem to bad either except he's not on the list.

Cinotix3650d ago

I don't really like the list much.

Ziriux3650d ago

My fav. part of that guy is "you little bitch".

Ziriux3650d ago

Joker should be on the list now that I think about it. I was joker for halloween.

Valay3650d ago

GLaDOS is a very different type of villain!

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