Casual vs Hardcore: What is the difference?

Game Podunker Shinji Yamaoka writes, "This article is my way of breaking down my personal definition of a casual and hardcore gamer to its basics. The Definition of the Casual Gamer..."

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Deadpool1013649d ago

well if you look at any of the article comments on N4G its pretty obvious what the main difference is. Hardcore gamers whine and moan all the time on forums about how much everything they dont like sucks, what they do like is amazing, how everyone else is a fanboy and how casual gaming is the worse things to happen to the home entertain market. Whereas casual gamers dont even look at these forums so remain silent.

Invader_Quirk3649d ago

In my opinion, a hardcore gamer plays for the challenge, while a casual gamer plays just to play. Both are fine, and neither threatens the industry.

ChickeyCantor3649d ago

"a hardcore gamer plays for the challenge,"

Thats the most ignorant thing ive heard in a while.

I dont't know about you but lots of puzzles in these so called casual games do need some thinking.