Greed & Over-Saturation Are Killing The Music/Rhythm Genre "There is a no doubt that music games have come a long way from dance pads at a local arcade, to being a staple in almost every single casual gamers' home. Those plastic instruments have become quite iconic in many ways; almost every single gamer out there has tried a music game and quite a lot own a few instruments of their own personally. It's the alternative to having a hardcore computer, or a guild in an MMO, simply draw together a few friends and jump into some music that everyone can sing along to.

However, things are not looking so good for the music genre anymore. "

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ShawnCollier3650d ago

Considering how much Activision whored out the GH series, it's to be expected, sadly.

mephman3650d ago

Rock Band 3 only selling 7,500 in its first week has to be a huge blow, especially as Warriors of Rock did pretty badly too.

Sanrin3650d ago

Need moar pro instruments for good sales, methinks.