Assassin’s Creed: Brotherood novel: Enriching the experience?


"I was among those who watched the Lord of The Rings films before reading the novels. For me this worked very well as I could enrich what was already a very exciting movie experience with added detail, characterisation and background.

Those were movies based on books, but what of novelisations, or books based on a film (or in the case of Assassin’s Creed, a game)?...

Novelisations, like the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood book by Oliver Bowden, are different: they are meant to reflect the original film or game subject. The problem is that the books can also be too similar and end up being a travel diary of the places you’ve already seen.

So can they enrich the experience?

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gaminoz3648d ago

I think a book with Ezio/ Desmond but not just covering the events of the game would be interesting. A sub story that adds to the primary story maybe.

I'm still sad they canceled the original novels on Altair from the first game due to controversy.

BadCircuit3648d ago

There were Altair books? Cool..I would have liked a Crusade one.

BadCircuit3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I'd like to see a movie that gives a backstory or such like the Lineage short one, which was very well done.

Don't know if I'll get a novel if it is only about what I already play, but glad they are going into other media besides the game and comics like usual.

gaminoz3648d ago

An Assassin's Creed movie could be really good. Two games that would be great in movies would be AC and Uncharted

XboxOZ3603648d ago

Im certainly getting the novel, and any follow-up, as they ad a certain level of credence to the game in my opinion.

After playing Medal of Honor, then reading a book called 18 hours, by Sandra Lee, which was about the actual Operation Anaconda, which the game is based around, I had a greater understanding of the importance of the game and the time, and what the SF and Black-Ops and Green Berets as well as the Aust SAS went through, all of which is portrayed in the game, right down to even the landmarks.

SO having novels around Assassin's Creed brotherhood will only benefit the game in the long term.

Proeliator3648d ago

It's one of those titles that focuses on rich history; reading books or novels based on that timeframe alone can be an enriching experience. But novels that continue the story are also nice.

gaminoz3648d ago

Another game that is supposed to focus on history is The First Templar, but then in the video it looked like it had one of those LOTR Giants in it?????

Still might be good if it comes out...

XboxOZ3603648d ago

Actually, the whole Templar thing is rich in possibilities, even dealing with the Muslim's in the Crusade - which would be something interesting to explore, especially in a game and novel combined.

Belgavion3648d ago

It's a tough one. On one hand I think there should be far more novels that tie-in with games, but then it isn't something that is going to work with every property. A game like Dead Space probably benefited far more from it's tie-in animated movie than if a novel was released

Immortal Kaim3648d ago

Does the novel give any hints to where we will be going in AC3?

BadCircuit3648d ago

It's not released yet, so who knows? The last one Renaissance didn't though.

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