Care Packages Do Not Kill Your Teamates in Black Ops

E4G writes, "In a recent video interview that GameSpot had with Treyarch design director David Vonderhaar.

There is something to note about 3 minutes into the hour long interview, it is revealed that the player's teamate goes into prone right where the care package is going to spawn. In Modern Warfare 2, you would declare this person to be an idiot but somethign has changed..."

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dkblackhawk503276d ago

About time! I hate running then *smack*

Hitman07693276d ago

they shouldn't have killed you in the first place in COD and they shouldn't land on f&@$ng roofs either lol...

Nitrowolf23276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

i agree with that, even though it should be common sense of where not to place it, at least they could have restricted use of it in certain area, like that one rainy level with the bridges. I hate calling one only to fins out it's accidently landed on the top of the bridge, couldn't they have made it so it says cannot be used here or something? or placing it inside of buildings with no roofs, i know it isn't real life or close, but it would be nice if the smoke wouldn't go through the wall or anything and crawl to the closes area where it can go up to the sky and land there insead.

Fishy Fingers3276d ago

Would only land on roof tops if your weren't wise enough to look where you were dropping the beacon.

dkblackhawk503276d ago

@Nitro: That happens to the majority in MW2.
@Fishy: Well what happens if it bounces then goes over the lot? It has happened before.

DufferO83276d ago

they should be covered in grease so they slide off roofs

Triggs3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

LOL - let's blame that on the pilot who doesn't question orders and thinks 2D.

GamingGamer3276d ago

i always laugh at the teammate or the enemy who died trying to steal me care packages

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

dkblack, how many times did you get killed by teammate's care packages? lol No matter how many times I witnessed it it never stopped being funny. :P

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xAlmostPro3276d ago

i find it funny when you carepackages kill team mates, more so when its one of your biddies and you have him trapped in a corner xD

TreMillz3276d ago

it was funny when we do out of map glitches in quarry

tacosRcool3275d ago

I thought it was funny sometimes killing stupid teammates. I wonder if I can still kill myself with the care package?

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Dellis3276d ago

They killed me before LOL

ELite_Ghost3276d ago

i actually did it many times on campers on my team XD

Blinding_Solo3275d ago

I died at least 50 times defending someone's care package until they got it only to realize I'm right under it.

theonlylolking3276d ago

Care packages was the only thing taht could cause a friendly fire in standard game modes; but with so many not so smart people on call of duty. Team mates dieing is quite frequent. Especially in ground war.

mikhail_tisoy3276d ago

confirmed black ops dumbdown version of mw2

Fishy Fingers3276d ago

Because of this? Confirmed, your stupid.

ELite_Ghost3276d ago

reconfirmed, you're a dumbass!

Convas3276d ago

Reassessed Recomfirmation, you're an simple fool! (At him, not you)

writersblock3276d ago


Echo Charly, can you confirm?

soundslike3276d ago

I don't understand why juggernaut is considered OP, but lightweight isn't? so much for balance...everyone is just going to pick lightweight all the time.

Takoulya3275d ago

Because Juggernaut almost always guaranteed a win in any exchange of bullets when face to face. This is exaggerated when the ping is high, too.

soundslike3275d ago

if you have lightweight on then you shouldn't be going tit for tat like that, you should be using your agility to NOT stand still and see who goes down first.

but once things catch on in the hivemind of online trash talk excuses it doesn't matter if their true or not.

actually you just missed your shots
actually you just missed your shots
actually you just missed your shots

now you got the developers to cave to your immature whining. KUDOS.

kunit22c3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

soundslike chill out, your crying so hard I would think they took juggernaut just from you. Are you actually complaining that they leveled the playing field? honestly just get out; And arn't you crying a little late? juggernaut was taken out back with MW2... You are also just a LITTLE off topic I mean I see where your coming from juggernaut and care packages killing teammates are like one in the same... :P

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The story is too old to be commented.