A Brilliant Shooter, Slowed by a Lackluster Narrative

NY Times:

"An eight-foot-tall metal creature that looks like a human tank wearing a diving helmet stands next to a little girl as she drains blood from a corpse. I lob several proximity mines onto the ground between us. There is a huge explosion as the creature steps on a mine; then its glowing yellow faceplate turns red.

It charges, encountering another mine while I throw grenades at it, yet it still manages to reach me and knock me to the floor. Out of grenades, I quickly pull out my shotgun and fire off a couple of blasts as it charges again. Miraculously, it falls to the ground dead."

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jay34069d ago

I have to disagree. The way the story is told in this game is nothing short of amazing. I'm guessing these guys either weren't paying attention, or didn't find any of the voice recordings. And even if that's so, the story is still brilliantly told. Anyone who has finished the game will no doubt agree. Especially the last few levels where everything starts to come together, it's incredible. I don't see any reason for these guys to think the storytelling is bad.

Zor4069d ago

These guys are professional writers and journalists, I think their opinion on story writing is a bit stronger then most gamers, and they do touch upon critical points from a narrative point of view not a game play point of view

johnnywit4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )


Just because someone is a Journalist doesn't mean they know how to write a story. Writing articles and writing stories are 2 different things. Just thought I would let you know. There are thousands of journalist who would love to write a best selling story but never will because it involves different writing techniques and styles. Not saying anything is wrong with their review, it's their opinion. But remember, the other reviews that gave this game 9's and 10's were journalist and professional writers as well.

carlman234069d ago

However, the fact that the author of this story thinks that a tactics-style RPG that has Joan of Arc ACTUALLY fighting is an amazing story probably says a lot about what he likes...

If you don't understand what I'm saying, please stop watching movies and take a history class.

jay34069d ago


*Runs to nearby Library*

ktchong4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

BioShock's resolution is UNORIGINAL and a HUGE letdown.

Seriously, the "I forgot my past and have to rediscover who I am" plot device is really getting kinda old and clique. It was new when Dark City, Memento, and The Bourne Identity did it years ago, now it's getting old, and BioShock is ripping off an old and overused plot.

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razer4069d ago

I just don't see how you can not love the narrative of this game! It just drips of style and an eerie feeling of a utopian society gone wrong. I've played A LOT of games in my day and this is by far one of the best stories in a game yet with a couple plot twists twords the end that make it even better.

The game is already critically acclaimed so any attempt to bring this game down is too late.. NYTIMES is not the place I get my gaming information from that's for sure.

Qbanj694069d ago

better than MGS2?

Interesting, i haven't played this game so i cant compare the story to anything.

razer4069d ago

Better than MGS2.

It's not THE BEST, but it's among the best.

nasim4069d ago

and so many websites and magazine are pointing out to its flaws

Daxx4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )


Go here

The /b/tards will just love you, Nasim. And once you get there you will never be able to leave. You too will become a /b/tard and worship Moot as your pagan god.

Go now and do so.

Zhuk4069d ago

I totally disagree, the narrative was extremely original and well done. The whole Sander Cohen mission was nothing short of fantastic

jay34069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I thought that was incredible.

Dr Pepper4069d ago

You may want to put a spoiler warning on that post. Even though it may seem harmless people may not want any hints at the story.

jay34069d ago

It doesn't give anything away but i totally see what you mean. Edited.

Deity014069d ago

I had fun with it, but definitely felt it lacking on several different levels.

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