The Minus of PlayStation Plus

For months Sony has been touting the slogan “Elevate your Game” to get people to subscribe to PlayStation Plus. As of right now, I haven’t seen the “Plus” in my subscription to PlayStation Plus. The only thing this service has provided me with is “buyers remorse”. Let me explain.


ISM: The Minus of PlayStation Plus

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bossblue3648d ago

Very hard to justify the Playstation Plus purchase as of right now.

deadreckoning6663648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Agreed. But I think it'll get better though.

"It is just a subscription for the people who like to buy lots and lots off the store, to get a bit of a discount."

You hit the nail right on the head. Its meant for people who buy tons of stuff of the Playstation Store. When Dreamcast games come to the PS Store, I'm definetly gunna sign up for Plus cause I'm gunna buy a ton of Dreamcast games :)

And the chance to be in the Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 betas will be a nice bonus as well.

Dom63903648d ago

Urm! I downloaded all the fallout DLC for free totalling well over the subscription I paid for, and the minis you get. For some people it is well worth the cost.
P Plus isn't meant to gimp the non plus user in anyway which it would if stuff like cross game chat was only available to the plus user.
It is just a subscription for the people who like to buy lots and lots off the store, to get a bit of a discount.

p.s. the killzone 3 demo isn't half bad

AmpedUP3648d ago

@ Dom6390. I don't believe the U.S. got any free Fallout DLC. Anyways, that game is over a year old. That is a buffer to make you believe like you are getting some sort of deal. Truth is if you bought Fallout 3 and liked it enough then you most likely bought the DLC when it released. How about they provide some new content.

GamingGamer3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

they dont get better servers than PSN.

XBL now cost more and you get no games.
but you get cross chat

for PSN+, you get alot of games and other stuff
but no cross chat.

i am a gamer and i choose games


i agree. because i only find 1-2 games out 4 that i like.

if i am lucky 3. but even if i like 1-2 games per month still worth it for $3.33 per months

-Alpha3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I think Sony needs to be more aggressive with Plus-- start covering games like Black Ops DLC or make it a prerequisite for devs to add in-game music which can benefit Plus members instead of being passive. Initially Trophies were optional and Sony made them mandatory.

The problem is that the free stuff isn't always the greatest. Just because it's free doesn't mean you will like it or that the game suddenly becomes great.

Remember that the studio that made Wipeout was closed down so I can see why they opened with that, but as of now they need more features to hook gamers in general. Eventually the free stuff will wear thin and the picking is very spotty. I don't care for free avatars, DLC for games I don't own, lower prices, etc if I don't care for the offers.

I'll let the service continue to roll and see where it ends up, as for now games is my first concern, which is why I'll continue putting $50 towards games I'll enjoy.

Also, many people paid to get into things like K3 betas yet non-beta members are getting in while Plus members sit out. I'm hoping a Plus-only beta will come, or else it doesn't make much sense for those who subbed for betas like K3.

I still think that the most important thing is for Sony to start cleaning up and polishing PSN as a whole. Making "How to" videos is a perfect example

darthv723648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

By that i am referring to creating the "NEED" for PS+ as opposed to simply a choice. Maybe they are waiting for the right time (or game???) to really ramp up the incentive. I could really see sony offering up some serious exclusive DLC that no freebie member would be able to get.

Say for example...GT5. Cars, tracks or other items for those who are paid members of the service. There is something to be had from the feeling you are higher than the rest. That is usually the type of feeling you get being a member of something.

If the same things available to you were available to others who arent members, no point in becoming a member. I just have a feeling sony will be doing this at some point.

Members only areas in home (complete with jackets, hey now!!)
Exclusive DLC not available to free users.
More than just the basic discount system but an actual rewards program for being a member and how it reflects on your gaming habits.
Special members only multiplayer modes/levels in games like KZ3 or MAG 2.0.

There is nothing against being a freebie but if those were to come to fruition, i could see more people joining up. Being a member of a society like PS+ should allow certain fruits that the freeloaders dont get the opportunity to enjoy. Not even for regular price.

despair3648d ago


"Remember that the studio that made Wipeout was closed down"

no they weren't it was originally Psygnosis who were bought by Sony and are now SCE Studio Liverpool they are still active.(Wikipedia source)

Also I agree that more PS+ only betas would be great, I mean they had the AC:Brotherhood beta open to all PS+ members but it was also available outside PS+ and thats something that would be hard getting non Sony studios to stop, it might just be too costly.

There is definitely a lot of room to improve the service but so far its not bad at all. I mean its still young but I'm betting early next year will have some big changes and additions.

Moonboots3648d ago

The main issue I have with these FREE games is they are only good for as long as you are a subber. So you don't actually own any of the games you are just renting them..

I am a day on Plus subber and its been hit and miss.

Sarcasm3648d ago

OoOOhh wow what a genius for coming up with that title. o_o

tacosRcool3648d ago

I already have a invite for Battlefield 3's beta when it decides to pop up

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Godmars2903648d ago

-Covers half the cost of Qore.
-Discounts for PS1 classics and some new DL titles.
-Newcomers can DL demos of older PS3 titles.

Thing is, if you're buying it just because you think its an automatic ticket into game betas, you're probably going to feel ripped off.

Also, its not like it required for basic gameplay. Unlike the service that its always compared to.

Anon19743648d ago

I've always liked Qore, and that was $25 a month. I've always been a sucker for premium and dynamic themes and they've been giving them away like crazy. The free games have been great (why did I never buy Wipeout in the first place? It's fantastic fun) and I've taken advantage of a few of the discounts. Beta's are nice, but I actually don't have use for them, same goes for demos and there have been a bunch of those, but the automatic updates are a fantastic time saver. I just wish you could turn it on for more than one PS3 at a time so both my PS3's in the house could be kept up to date instead of just my main one. For me, it's only been a few months and already I feel I've got my money's worth. The only problem is finding the time to play everything.

rdgneoz33648d ago

Yep. I liked Qore (from friends accounts), but never felt like the urge to pay the price for it. The games I've gotten for free (yes, free as long as you're a member but I think of it as being the same as renting a movie or such though you keep it a lot longer) and the discounts I've gotten on various games have saved me more money than the cost of the 15 month subscription to begin with. The betas are just a nice touch to it.

Overall, the service isn't XBox Live, its a discount service for those that make use of the PSN store. Not getting it won't be the end of the world for you as you can still play online for free and use all the other features of the PSN for free.

Silly gameAr3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

For you maybe. It's been great for me. Different strokes I guess.

WildArmed3648d ago

I agree.
I've gotten well over my money's worth w/ all warhawk DLC and wipeout HD to name two of the many things i enjoyed from PS+.

But each to their own.

avengers19783648d ago

Why can't they get beta's to all the plus members.
I mean that's the number one reason I signed up for it, and so far I've only been in the AC:Brotherhood beta.
But I have downloaded enough free stuff to cover the cost of my sup, and I still have about a year left. I will renew... oh what ever happen to the token challenge thing; I would like to see that come around. Just a fun little competiton between the people on my friends list.

Christopher3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

There is absolutely no minus to an optional method of buying games. Perhaps there's a reason that's better to not use PS+ over the standard method of buying games, but there is no negative side to offering more options to how people buy their games.

Sheikh Yerbouti3648d ago

Or are you upset because you expected it to be like LIVE?

n4gno3648d ago

yeah, sure, when you don't have it, like all xbox fanboyz pretending to have a ps3, more funny : they don't have any problem to justify paying online, for "bububu cross game chat" LOL

the 3 months subscription is a real deal, in less one months !

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AmpedUP3648d ago

I have personally got about $5 from PlayStation Plus in value. Pretty much all of that comes from Avatars.

goflyakite3648d ago

And it's all your fault.

Before you subscribe you get to see what the content for the month is. If you see that you have the stuff for that month, don't subscribe.

It's simple really.

thecreeper3648d ago

I agree, demo's and betas are nice, but its true once those games like Burn Zombie Burn are downloaded and you don't re-subscribe then "Poof" they are gone.

avengers19783648d ago

poof gone, resubscrip then... and keep them forever.

Genecalypse3648d ago

The only thing I have a problem with is if your subscription ends, you lose your content. Thats lame, what did I pay for?

Dave13513648d ago

Whenever my subscription ended sony CONVENIENTLY charged my credit card for another 3 months without my knowledge or permission. thanks sony

FunAndGun3648d ago

That was your own fault.... when you signed up for Plus there was a warning that said it would auto renew. You can uncheck a box and the problem is solved.

You are just a sucker.

Dave13513648d ago

yea but nobody honestly reads that stuff before they buy it. if you do your the sucker

dogmanx233648d ago

Might not have value for you, that doesn't mean it isn't good. I've probably gotten over $150 in value so far and its not even 6 months in yet. I'm pretty happy with it.

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