G4TV: Insomniac Games' Ted Price Talks Gaming, Violence, and the Law

As you probably know, The United States Supreme Court is hearing a case this week with huge implications for the video game industry -- at issue: Whether states are legally allowed to set limits on the sale of video games to minors. Adam Sessler recently sat down with Insomniac founder Ted Price and got in depth about the issues at hand. Price, Insomniac Games founder and the Chairman of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, recently filed a declaration with the Supreme Court in support of the Entertainment Software Association.

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Swiftfox3649d ago

Well said.

I agree in that I feel people don't understand all the negetive backlash that could in fact be let out if laws like this come to fruition.

You think simply because you're over 18 anyway nothing will change, well not true. Things will change and they will enevidably effect you. By the time it does effect you it will be to late to change it. Get active now.