Exclusive: Nintendo Bringing Back WiiWare Demos

Quoting Nintendo Life's James Newton:

"Last November Nintendo ran a brief trial of WiiWare demos, offering free trials to Wii Shop Channel users, but the service ended at the end of January. Now Nintendo Life can exclusively reveal that demos will be returning to the Wii Shop Channel in the near future."

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Matthew943644d ago

wow demos that's revolutionary... go nintendo... always at the forefront of gaming...

darthv723644d ago

i'm pleased they are doing this again. I wish sony would offer up some demos of mini's. At least every indie game on live has a demo.

SpideyNut3644d ago

Indie games AND XBLA games have free's mandatory, if you release a game on XBL. Sony and Nintendo still haven't caught up to MS in that dept.

JamesNewton3644d ago

Let the trolling commence!

Redempteur3644d ago

about time nintendo !!

too late for me

GoldPS33644d ago

I lost some respect for Nintendo this gen

ChickeyCantor3644d ago

And they couldn't care less.
"respect" are giving these companies money and then you owe them respect?


GoldPS33644d ago

I don't buy Nintendo products so they not making money from me. I respect Sony becuz they putting out the games I like and I'm happy to give Sony my money for it.

ChickeyCantor3644d ago

Then why even bother mentioning it in the first place?

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