Forza Motorsport 3 - UK Ultimate Collection Top Gear Trailer

The hills are alive with the sound of horsepower; watch the trailer for the Top Gear feature included with Forza Motorsport 3: Ultimate Collection!

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Vojkan3649d ago Show
St03649d ago

Isn't this a bit pointless when you can watch repeats of Top Gear pretty much 24/7 on the channel Dave in the UK :S

number473649d ago

Although, the only thing racing fans are interested in Top Gear for.. is the track. Which Turn10 didn't think of until they saw it was in GT5. Im sure they are rushing to get a track deal as well. But its just a bit of a 'yeah us too' at this point. and god knows how much that Super REALLY Ulitmate edition will cost.

And you'll only be able to watch the episodes.. if you get this version of the game. I dunno, all the top gear fans I know youtube/dvr/download seasons. Not sure how much play its going to get if you have to launch a game to watch them? Even in GT prologue, it was just faster to look at the episodes over the network.

MNicholas3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

And does it include the top gear track?

Yi-Long3649d ago

... I LOVED the first Forza, kinda liked the 2nd one (a bit too much of the same thing), and never picked up Forza 3 because of all the DLC-milking.

I was waiting for a 'GOTY' edition to come out with all the DLC, but TBH after waiting so long, I just don't really care anymore.

I feel it doesn't have enough new tracks, plus I just started with GRID (great game), which should keep me happy until GT5 comes out, which I might buy, and next year we'll have DiRT 3 coming out...

I would have bought Forza 3 for full-price a year orso ago if they hadn't chosen that they were going to DLC-milk the hell out of it... which for me is always a reason to put me off.

shikamaroooo3649d ago

cant belive the Nissan GTR isnt in Forza 3 but in DLC i mean WTF WTF WTF Forza 3 comes with pre tuned GTR's

iamgoatman3649d ago

Considering that the large majority of DLC were cars released after Forza 3 launched, I'd hardly call it milking, but more updating with new cars as and when they release, plus you don't have to buy them.

If they'd kept a certain few models that should have been in the game at the start out just to sell as DLC later, that would have been milking. The only one I can think of that really should have been in the game from the beginning would be the Nissan GTR.

Yi-Long3649d ago

... instead fo just working on their next game, making sure that one has all the content they can possibly cram into it, they decide to nickle and dime us for a couple of extra cars.

So when Forza 4 comes, it once again will not have enough different tracks, and once again have a flawed online experience.

They could have done something about it, but they felt it was more important to keep milking Forza 3 customers.

Now, I don't mind DLC when it's done right. Like some of the Fallout DLC or the episodes for GTA4. I'm ok with that. That's value for money. That's CONTENT.

A couple of new cars isn't the kind of DLC I want. Just keep those cars for the new game. Make sure that game has all the tracks and cars in it from the get-go. Then I might buy it.

Gawd, I hate DLC-milking.

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The story is too old to be commented.