Freedom Under Attack: Schwarzenegger v. Gaming

GameXplain Writes: "So how does a law restricting the sale or rental of video games to minors infringe on the rights the First Amendment grants to everyone? Like books, music, and movies which are all protected under the First Amendment, video games contain the same types of artistic expression that these mediums contain. Furthermore, establishing laws that place content-based bans on protected expressions directly violates this amendment."

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Eternalb3645d ago

I approve this message.

steve30x3645d ago

LOL Where is he getting off with this. After all most films the guy ever done were violent films.

FantasyStar3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

The whole idea behind "attacking out 1st Amendment rights" is political BS conjured up by the EMA and ESA. The facts are this.

-The bill will make it an offense to sell a violent game to minors.

THAT's IT. There's no censorship here, no government oversight on commerce or anything this article is trying to imply. Good God, everyone. For one in your life, read the WHOLE AB1179 bill and READ exactly what Senator Leeland Yee wrote this bill. Don't let the damn media create sensationalist BS and manipulate you into thinking this is a moral crusade.

If you're over 18, WHY DO YOU CARE?! This doesn't affect you whatsoever. This bill won't limit developers creative-freedom whatsoever. All it will do is allow the federal government to prosecute those that sell violent games to minors. Please think, people. THINK GODDAMIT.

Don't let developers get away with selling violence to minors and hide behind the M-rated logo. Let the government prosecute these asshats that sacrifice their OWN CREATIVE FREEDOM to cater to the minors. Want an example of that?! Play FUCKING HALO OR CALL OF DUTY. The proof is all around you. And what about the publishers like Sony, Microsoft, and EA that rally behind this?! It's a business-opportunity! OF COURSE THEY'D BE AGAINST IT. THINK.

Minors have the most expendable income. They know the minors will buy a CoD, Halo game that has guns and shiny stuff! Therefore they make their games that cater to the audience. Once they got the game in their household: the rest is DLC and further exploitation. Now there's a bill that threatens this business-model. Guess what? Sony, Microsoft, and EA are going to fight this to preserve their gaming revenue. We can sit here and live in our fantasy world where the people actually paid attention to ESRB ratings and parents did their jobs. WE DON'T.

The government ain't going to do shit to what's already in place. All they'regoing to do is prosecute those that exploit minors. Two more things. Bobby Kotick is a member of the ESA, Rush Limbaugh supports the defense. If you got any kind of knowledge about the outside world and gaming politics: the first thing that should register is...

"What the fuck is Bobby Kotick doing with the ESA?"
"Why the fuck would Limbaugh be interested in this case whatsoever?"

Don't get caught in the media-sensationalism and fear-factor they used. Games like Heavy Rain that push the creative-process will continue to exist, even if this bill passes. The only people here that should be worried are minors and publishers. The rest of us that play by the rules, we're fine.

rdgneoz33645d ago

Whenever I go to buy games, if they're MA games they always ask me for ID. The thing with the bill, it may just make it an offense to sell a violent video game to minors, but they already have ESRB ratings set up and most stores I go to follow it and don't sell to minors. I've seen kids get told they can't buy games because they're not old enough and I've seen stupid parents buying their kids mature rated games.

However, if they do this, how do you know they won't try to go further and end up like the situation for Aussies right now?

FantasyStar3645d ago

To be honest, I don't know if it's going to go as far as the PEGI system or the CERO system where they outright ban violence. I won't deny the possibility. Where I live, the ESRB means crap because retailers just don't care. I'll bet upstanding towns/cities care about that stuff and that's why they're upstanding. Then you have where I live and it's very bad. The feeling here that violent video games could encourage youth aggression. I personally don't believe the connection, but I don't exactly go to disprove that in front of parents of children whom are behind bars.

There will be loopholes in the system, always have been. That's why I'm not focused on that. But I do like where this bill is headed. It'll stop the overcrowded FPS saturation market and force developers to start getting creative again. They sold violent video games for years now and its time someone put the CoD-milking to a rest.

Eternalb3645d ago

Why should it be a crime to sell a violent video game to a minor?

Do you believe that viewing violence makes someone inherently more violent?

This law is vague and does not differentiate enough of what is violent and inappropriate to minors. By this law's definition:

The Act defines a “violent video game” as one that depicts “killing, maiming, dismembering, or sexually assaulting an image of a human being” in a manner that meets all of the following descriptions: (1) A reasonable person, considering the game as a whole, would find that it appeals to a deviant or morbid interest of minors; (2) it is patently offensive to prevailing standards in the community as to what is suitable for minors, and; (3) it causes the game, as a whole, to lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.

By these standards, many currently Teen rated games could be classified "violent".

Listen I'm not for minors buying M rated games. But violence is not as definable as porn and that's what this law is trying to say.

You should read the article before you get on your soapbox.