TSA Review: The Fight

TheSixthAxis: "The Fight’s reduced price point highlights Sony’s intentions for the game: it’s a welcome shift of emphasis for the PlayStation Move and one that deserves your attention if you’re looking for something different. Sure, it’s not perfect, and you’ll need to be pretty fit to get much out of it, but for £30 RRP (it’s available for around £24 online) there’s a solid game to enjoy here – and if you come away aching half as much as I did you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re doing yourself some good too."

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jneul3645d ago

So IGN was being ignorant then!! I trust this review more as it seems like they actually know what they are going on about!

panasonic233645d ago

Eurogamer: The Fight: Lights Out Review

jack_burt0n3645d ago

what a surprise the echo exactly the same that what was said by iwaggle in his video review.