Greenberg: We Have Sold Over 45 Million Xbox 360's

TMC: Microsoft's Chief of Interactive Entertainment Business, Aaaron Greenberg, updates us with 360's Life To Date numbers. Major Nelson's numbers get corrected.

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EasilyTheBest3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

So whos ahead now?

See NPD wasnt all bad after all, at least we would have a little idea where we all are even if its only in the US.

I think I have seen about 7 different sales numbers this week.

Oh and yes and sorry.

Fishy Fingers3644d ago

Haha, you originally commented "a" and that was it. I guess you were desperate to be first?

Max Power3644d ago

At least he didn't type "First" in his comment.

Hideo_Kojima3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

@EasilyTheBest No point of trying so hard to be at the top dude...

On topic...
Greenburg is pathetic.
Even if those numbers are true:
1 - They sold 45 million in 5 years
Sony sold 44 million in 3 and 1/2 at a higher price

Also due to RROD and the fact that 360s from 2005-07 are now uninsured and some didn't even have HDMI there are way more working PS3s than 360s in households.

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Mr_Bun3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Weird...Major Nelson just reported that MS sold 42 million:

Who to believe, lol

I love how every time Sony come up with their sales, Aaron shows up contradicting MS's numbers just to say they sold more.

MS: We sold "X" number of units
Sony: We sold "Y" number of units
Aaron: We meant to say we sold "Y+1" number of units

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darthv723644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Maybe they are looking at presale numbers now. The kinect bundle counts as both a sale for the 360 and kinect.

Just a thought.

edit @above: Fable 3 rushed??????

gigaware3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

As you can see the PS3 fans are trying to report the story so they can spread the bu bu bu Major Nelson misinformation he made.

I mean come you guys don't really think the 360 outselling the PS3 worldwide for many months would some how cause the gap to shrink? When it has been growing.

The PS3 fans are trying to block the major nelson fix(updated) using the AG response to the misinformation.

These are the PS3 fans trying to frantically report the Major Nelson update article. I'm willing to bet they did not report the actual duplicates about how PS3 was supposedly catching up. They probably approved all of them.

*Fishy Fingers

visualb3644d ago

wth? I'm confused...didn't he just? and weren't the numbers also...what?

*scratches head* f*ck it...

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MeatPopsicle3644d ago

"They were 44.5 million. Greenberg says they've sold 45 million. So, if Greenberg is to be believed, they've sold more 360's to customers then they've shipped?"

It is one thing for fanboy sites like vgchartz to play silly games like that, but for an exec from a console company is just embarrassing.

Microsoft must have been in a total panic to rush this damage control out so quickly. Greenburg was in such a panic that he didn't take time to get his lie about sales numbers believable, let alone plausible.

tinybigman3644d ago

Cold & Carb you two are something else lol. we do you fight so hard for M$ to maintain what little lead they have? will you worlds end if Sony ties or passes M$?

will you two stop playing games all of a sudden because they are running neck & neck? what the hell do you two gain by worshiping and fighting so hard?

oh and let's not talk about lying let me just run off a couple of things M$ has said in the past.

1 there is no problems with the 360s (this lie went on for 3 yrs until they have to admit and fund a 1-3 billion dollar warranty)

2 a couple of years back they claimed to sell 9 million throughout Europe, then a couple of days later after Sony said they sold 10 million units throughout Europe M$ then claims they actually are one million units ahead of the PS3 in Europe.

so tell me which lies sound worst? you two should just grow up and stop sucking on M$ thingy.

3644d ago
DORMIN3644d ago

Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson, Director of XBL Programing
Aaron Greenberg, Professional Trollface

Who to believe?

Comet3644d ago

I believe that's true.
360's lead is still 500k over PS3 for consoles SOLD.

Greenburg tried to play damage control by putting out consoles shipped. Too late.

But it's already fact that there are more working PS3s with relevant hard drives installed than there are 360s.

Boody-Bandit3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Aaron Greenburg

He is claiming they sold more than MS reported they shipped!


Man your dilusional beating world wide for what 2 months since the release of the 360 slim...god who would have thought that a slim launch would help to boost sales. The thing is an XBOT like you would completly ignore is that that lead has already shrunk down to within a couple thousand...give it a couple weeks and things will be back to normal with the PS3 outselling every where but US which hasn't been much of a help for MS to keep up with the never ending onslaught of PS3 exclusives and if you look right around the corner towards the beginning of next year it will start all over again with LBP 2,Infamous 2,Killzone 3,DC Universe and thats just within the first 3 months. What are MS's big games to compete at that time....oh wait they don't have any.

lowcarb3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

They all Lie just like every PS3 fanboy in this thread is lying to themselves right now. You guys don't want to hear the truth because for whatever reason you've sold your soul to Sony. This holiday is done with already and no matter how many of you disagree 360 and Kinect will own it. Maybe by lying you guys could have made it appear 360 didn't gain massive ground with Kinects launch.

The real question is whats in it for you PS3 fanboys if Sony passes MS? Is it a pride thing or just a stupid I need to feel better then you complex? If it's pride you better get over it because your all going to sit comfortably in 3rd place the rest of this gen. If it's a complex then time to grow up guys. All you keep hearing from Sony faithful is it's impossible but the truth is it's not.

gamingdroid3644d ago

Man does it stink like some kind of pissing contest in here.

With that said, what part of "There are 45 million consoles sold in 35 countries" do people not understand! It clearly says 45 million SOLD! SOLD!!!

How does that in any way say shipped? Yes, the gap has shortened remarkably fast for Sony. Congrats to Sony!

Now let's move on!

MeatPopsicle3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )


Yes, if you look at everything we know:

1. Sony switched to actual sales to consumers back in 2006

2. That switch is noted right there in the Sony official quarterly reports

3. Nintendo did the same in 2006 and stated so

4. Microsoft has never publicly talked about the subject

5. Going all the way back to the first year where Microsoft claimed to have 'sold' 10.5 million 360s, we learned that it was actually 8 million or so sold with 2.5 million sitting on store shelves or in retail warehouses

6. Microsoft shipped no new 360s for the entire quarter after their infamous 10.5 million 'sold' claim because they had shipped so many extra 360s to make their PR announcement retailers still had enough unsold 360s for an entire quarter

7. 42 million sold and 44.5 million shipped matches up exactly with the difference between their previous ship/sold figures for the November time of the year

8. The higher software sales figures for the PS3 compared to the 360 is just more proof that the 360 has no real lead in sold consoles and most likely has an actual installed base lower than the PS3 due to the RRoD and the myriad other hardware problems that plague the 360.

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Game-ur3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I think Major Nelson told the truth accidently, Greenberg must be MAD at his ass.

Looked up "channel stuffing" your spot on

Your right, this is the biggest bull$#!T indicator.

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tinybigman3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

i've never cared about sales in any generation starting from Atari to the present day. all i cares about is the games(core).

wow you are bigging up a camera with shovelware games i'm sorry but now i know all you M$ worshipers are deluded M$ has basically made it easier for me not to touch my system with the crap they are pushing with Ellen D, Oprah, and that little girly man Bieber. i'll let you cultist, soccer moms, and kiddies play with your camera while i play some great core games.

i stopped listening to M$ the minute they said that their systems weren't breaking down. oh yea it's kinda hard for me to be a PS3 fanboy when i own all 3 systems. i've never played the single console owner BS unlike yourself.

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avengers19783644d ago

@MrBun that is what I was thinking, Nelson just said less then a week ago that xbox sold 42 million... now it's 45 million, I find it odd that it went up 3 million after sony's numbers came out and they were basically the same.

HolyOrangeCows3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Remember when the Ps3 was announced to have sold more than the 360 in EU? Then MS changed their numbers all of the sudden?

Something smells fishy.

cmrbe3644d ago

Too late for damage control greenburg. Larry Hryb isn't a spin doctor. Microsoft's own official numbers released days ago make greenburg a liar.

Edit: And what about those software sales numbers? You supposedly have more consoles yet Sony sold more software? Pathetic really.

If you can't win fairly just man up. Instead you insist on lying to your customers and the public in a manner so blatant it's laughable. Insulting really. Even Tommy the Liar was more believable.

Watch Neogaf rip greenburg an ass.

Edit 2: It's a joke to say Sony supporters are desperate. I didn't see Sony dispute it's own network programming chief and then change their official numbers to save face.

What MS did defines the word desperate. Lie to the public, lie to your shareholders, and now lie to yourself. Desperate.

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Christopher3644d ago

Would love to see the percentage of 'digitally streamed' hours from Netflix vs Zune vs downloaded media from XBL. Something tells me they're purposefully lumping them all together to make their video services look better when the majority of video viewing is from Netflix.

Triella3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I think I will enter the discussion and set everyone at peace (or not). Yes both companies are reporting shiped consoles.

Here you can find Sony's breakdown untill Q2 :
As you can see as of September 30 they have shiped 41.6 million console

MS doesn't provide a table like this so I will put here one year worth of MS shipment data and will align quarters to make it more readable :

As of September 2009 MS had shipped : 33.5 million
Q3 09 from sep to dec : 5.2 million
Q4 09 from jan to mar : 1.5 million
Q1 10 from apr to jun : 1.6 million
Q2 10 from jul to sep : 2.8 million

So as of sept 30 MS had shiped a total of 44.6 million

Now the interesting part, If you extrapolate shipment based on last year you can tell that Sony plans to ship at least 7 million PS3 this quarter to match their 15 million forecast which means that by the end of the year they will have shipped 48.6 million.

Now on to MS, unlike Sony MS doesn't forecast sales, but last year same quarter they shiped 5.2 million 360. Now, even if shipments have been steadily declining, with Kinect launch and the new slim model we could extrapolate MS will ship at least as much as last year if not a little more, let's say 6 million which would mean that, as of December 21st, MS will have shipped 50.6 million 360.

If kinect fails to expand MS userbase and shipments are steady by march next year PS3 shippments will be at 51.3 million while MS should be at 52.2 and by june PS3(~54) could even surpass MS (~53.6).

Oner3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

@ Hillary ~ You are misinformed. Sony didn't do anything wrong because ALL accessories are counted as "Sell In" or Sold to Retailers...i.e. Shipped. This is how ALL 3 count their accessories. MS is the ONLY one out of the three who does the same for the 360's figures.

And this isn't the first time MS has adjusted their "numbers". They did the same exact thing last year when Sony released their sold numbers AFTER MS for the EU last year (if I remember correctly) and MS tried to cover their butts by coming out with a higher number afterwards.

@ Triella ~ On your link it says SALES...where does it say that Sony uses "shipped"? Because these documents that are from their internal reports say otherwise ~

Page 4 ~

Page 1 ~

And to Quote Darkride66 ~

"Read Sony's financial reports. The very first two quarters the PS3 was on sale they reported shipped. Then, Sony noted in their financial statement that they would start reporting sold to customer. They adjusted the first two quarters down and now when you see a release from Sony showing historical data there is always a footnote at the end that

"Beginning with Q1 FY07, the method or reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from shipments to recorded sales."

This issue has been clarified many times before. I'm frankly surprised it's still being brought up."

@ Meatpopsicle ~ 100% Factual info there. Great comment

Theonik3644d ago

So true! It's actually getting rather annoying.

3643d ago
Oner3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

You say for me not to be "lazy" yet I don't see a SINGLE SHRED OF YOUR "PROOF" ANYWHERE. Whatever, here is more of mine ~

#1 ~ You ask for pages, documents and such but I ALREADY HAVE DONE SO ABOVE but for some odd reason you don't "see" where it specifically says

"Beginning with Q1 FY07, the method or reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from shipments to recorded sales."

Even though I, Morg & DR66 point it out on the reports. Which leads me to say it sounds like you have a problem with reading FACTS. But I will go on to uphold what I am saying with DOCUMENTED VERIFIABLE PROOF

#2 ~ Nintendo & Sony for YEARS have counted SELL THROUGH. They changed this early on, basically when they came out with their NextGen consoles. While MS has NEVER changed from using SELL IN

And one link about how MS has been CAUGHT stuffing channels to "pad" their "Sell In" totals.

If you would like some additional information about MS's "tactics" please read through MeatPopsicle's comment here paying close attention to #5 & #6 ~

#3 Using MS's own words, on their own reports, it shows they use "Sell In/Sold to Retailer". Here is the proof ~

If you go here ~

under "Key Performance Indicators (KPI)" it states 2.8 Units were "sold" during the first quarter of fiscal year 2011

But yet on the same page here ~ if you select the "Performance" Link it specifically states this

"We shipped 2.8 million Xbox 360 consoles during the first quarter of fiscal year 2011"

This confirms MS uses the LTD Xbox 360 unit "sales" of 44.6 (same as the previous investor amount) as "Sell In" or "Sold to Retailer" for their total amount calculations of the 360. Which would lead one to believe the "slip up" by Major Nelson about there being 42 Million 360's sold around the world is actually what is "Sell Through (to consumers)"

If you don't want to believe the info, links & confirmable proof I have provided then that's YOUR own problem. I have supported what I have said more than enough over "others" fact-less, link-less, non-documented "opinions".


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Sunny_D3644d ago

Sony: We have sold 44 million PS3's

WTH?! Are these companies trying to play a numbers game? Although, since Greenberg is just a PR, I would take his word with a a grain of salt.

3644d ago
goodfellas273644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

some1 is lying....

LordMarius3644d ago

lets see its been a whole Month since the last quarter ended so these new shipped numbers wouldnt be in the financial reports. Im guessing Sony has also sold a lot too with the Holiday season been around the corner. The small gap still stands

raztad3644d ago

Sorry but I fail to see how Greenburg comments can be true. I mean, how could MS has sold more consoles than what they shipped. Financial reports > Greenburg mail.

Beast_Master3644d ago

45 Million? how many of those are replacements (I don't know anyone that has bought just one 360)? no way to really know.. So 45 million is a lot but, the only way to judge is by unique IDs. plus you can look at games sales to see what the lead is. PS3 version is only outsold by 50k or less in the US and 360 version is outsold by a wide margin world wide, so PS3 probably surpassed 360 world wide long ago.

Mystogan3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

i lolled

SDF roll out!

Lightsaber3644d ago

How many of the ps3 has $ony sold cause they dont have warranties that least for more then 5 mins ?

Just look at all the lil ps3 fangirls talking about how they all have to buy new ones cause theirs died on them

TheBlackSmoke3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Considering RROD was pretty much an epidemic for the first few years, I don't really see how Beast_master's comment is funny.

MS supposedly has a larger install base yet software sales are higher on PS3 plz explain? or maybe all you guys do is play Halo and cod instead of buying other stuff....Alan Wake came out this year...just so you know... you can buy a

edit: @ below

before M$ implemented the extented warranty (class action lawsuit...cough##), that was the case. If your 360 died you were screwed and had to buy a new one, bear in mind this is when the failure rate was at its highest. Even now there are people who cant be assed to go through the warranty process and just buy the cheap crappy 360 arcade as a replacement.

darthv723644d ago

Does every sale of a 2nd 360 to a consumer constitute a replacement? I know that is a very generalized question but the simple answer is no. To make such a statement is just as ludicrous.

It is like the sales of PS3 with people having bought 2 or more when the new slims came out. I have 1 ps3 fat and 2 360's and neither was a replacement for the other.

Truth be told, there probably is no way to know how many units have been sold to unique individuals. I do know of a few users on this site who have bought ps3's AS replacements and not as a secondary system. Take a read through the forum at the "ps3 broke" threads and you will see how easy it is to pass off the breaking of a ps3 as nothing. You go get a slim.

GLoRyKnoT3644d ago

45 million huh! Guess he forgot 2 mention 44.9 million R in landfills.

Beast_Master3644d ago

I am not saying that PS3s don't break and people are buying replacements PS3s, But everyone knows that 360s break at a much higher rate. I know that 360 has more unique users in the US, that I won't argue. But I do pose the question what is the actual number of 360 owners to PS3, and people who buy games? I mean if 360 does have 45 million users today, and 1 in 3 owners bought Halo 3 which was 10 mil, then Halo Reach should sell 15 right? no! I bet it will sell the same as Halo 3 bc the actual base of 360 gamers hasn't expanded all that much and u factor in the competition..etc..

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ilikestuff3644d ago ShowReplies(1)
shazui1233644d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't sony report actual SOLD numbers whereas Microsoft report SHIPPED numbers that aren't necessarily in the hands of consumers? I am sure there was a link about that a while back where sony went on record stating so explicitly. If that's the case I'm incllined to believe that there are 42 million 360's SOLD and 45 million SHIPPED as there's no way they sold 3 million in one month.

Kurylo3d3644d ago

Ill be the first to correct you. Both companies report shipped, not sold... Some people dont want to lose this "contest" of consoles... So they will resort to lieing so they dont look to bad.

MeatPopsicle3644d ago

"Ill be the first to correct you. Both companies report shipped, not sold"

It is right in Sony's official quarterly reports that they only report actual sales.

They even have notes when they reference pre-2006 sales noting that they have been adjusted down to match their switch to actual sales to consumers.

RageAgainstTheMShine3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

by posting conflicting lies about sales figures.

M$ employees have a very long tradition of conflicting public statements from Tsunoda to specially Greenturd.

Boys, don't even waste your time trying to reproof this hoaxes as many US government and NPD employees are on Microsofts payroll.

Ask Google Inc. about it.

The Lazy One3644d ago

@"It is right in Sony's official quarterly reports that they only report actual sales."

neither sony or M$ have any means to record every sale to a consumer. They report shipped numbers because that is all that affects their numbers and it's the only number that they know exactly.

Any reports of numbers sold to consumers would only be as accurate as VGChartz. Probably even less so because vgchartz probably shoots for the middle of the estimate's range instead of the maximum.

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shoddy3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

return console should not count as sales since they have to refund it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3644d ago

Remember this Oh Snap!

The celebration was short lived for some.

Killed4Less3644d ago

Yeah, I'm still laughing at that.

Anyway, I'm just going to pull the same crap that I heard when I questioned Sony's numbers..

"bu bu they can't lie in public because that would be illegal due to them being a publicly traded company".

Hell, if it worked as an excuse there then here ya go.

I will take an exec's word over over a forum rat any day but without NPD it's tough to tell what is going on in reality.

snp3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

"bu bu they can't lie in public because that would be illegal due to them being a publicly traded company".

Hell, if it worked as an excuse there then here ya go.

Actually that would be true if we were talking about quarterly releases of official documents containing explicit footnotes detailing exactly what the numbers represent - it's farcical to think these things can be 'lied about'.

Here, though, we're not. It's a grab by a PR guy, adding 44.6 shipped numbers to a 'well, it'd be over half a million shipped this month' to come with 'over 45 million sold'. 'Sold' isn't technically a lie, either. Shipped is another way of expressing 'sold to retail'. 'Sold to retail' verbally abbreviated... 'sold'. It's a bait and switch, deliberately conflating and confusing words and what's being discussed, but not technically a 'lie'.

So bingo; instant smoke screen - and, of course, this PR guy would be well aware the PS3's latest official numbers only go up to Sept (whatever they constitute), and gullible folks will invariably end up comparing them with these with 360's est shipped end October numbers; but that's what PR's about.

I presume this Major Nelson guy has been given a bit of a whack and told to only use 'sold to retailers' - ie. 'shipped' numbers - hence his quick update.

gigaware3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I didn't think any of those PS3 magically a million units closer a day since the first reports were released made any sence the 360 has been outselling PS3 worldwide for months. But like I said none of this will matter after Kinect launches. Every day a new articles was claiming PS3 was some how closer when the gap has been widening before the reports. Yesterday I've read articles and PS3 fan comments saying PS3 was already caught up and some even saying PS3 was in the Lead.

PS3 will never be in 2nd place not because it's behind more than 4 million but because of Kinect.

Sitris3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Cause all the sales in Europe and the rest of the world not only cancelled out the American lead, but enabled the PS3 to sell more than the 360.
The Move and Kinect stuff will both sell equally. Believe that, Move has already hit 3+ million. Before the kinect launches. Why doesn't anyone remember that?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3644d ago

No it hasn't, use Google, Yahoo or Bing and update you facts

Sitris3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I googled it and here it is

Doesn't have october sales but hey, is that enough for you?

Edit: I'm not a fanboy, but spewing crap is BS. Speak the truth guys, makes you look smarter. Jason you should have used your own advice, update your facts.

Redrum0593644d ago

gigaware, jason360, and eliasg


gigaware3644d ago

Yes and some two bit blog saying PS3 caught up to the 360 with no sources you all still believe is sound reasoning :/

Sitris3644d ago

did you read the article?!??
It has sources from both the official info from Sony's and MS financial reports. How can you get any more official then that.

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lelo2play3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Major Nelson said 42 million in 35 countries... i guess the rest of the X360's (3 million) were sold in the rest of the countries, unless Microsoft only sells the X360 in 35 countries of the world.

The difference also could be attributed of console sales to consumers and/or retailers.

EDIT: Major Nelson updated it to 45 million sold.

MNicholas3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

If we assume both numbers are correct, this is how it breaks down.

45 Million is total ordered by retailers from Microsoft (but not necessarily manufactured and shipped yet).

42 Million sold by retailers to consumers (including 3rd party warranty replacements).

bviperz3644d ago

In the 'Shipped vs Sold' debate, here is Sony's financial report. Jump to page 6 and at the bottom of the chart it reads:

"Beginning with Q1 FY07, the method of reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales."

And here's the link:

This is why I never believe the words from PR peoples. Show me on paper. Unfortunately, I've haven't got the financial report from MS...

3643d ago
XXXRATED3644d ago

The best part of this is that sony is still a year later in sales , so do all the damage control you want cause MS still has gotten beaten by Sony, PERIOD!

Unbornkirkster193644d ago

(This isn't at you Easily)...but once again who gives a FU*K about numbers, i mean whether Microsoft is 3 million consoles ahead or 2; it shouldn't affect anyone in any way. I find it quite sad and pathetic honestly.

JokesOnYou3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

JokesOnYou + 1d 1h ago
So now we're talking "shipped" numbers. NPD was good for independent confirmation. Its too bad they stopped, and who knows the truth about Euro. I don't trust sony or micro both have lied about sales and stuff the channel at the end of qtr. aahh well at least vgchartdoes a fairly good job at estimating whats going on.

It too easy to pad their numbers with shipments at the end of the qtr, all they have to do is push out 3 or 4 extra consoles to each individual store, on top of retailers normal shipment, the stores usually wont mind because they know they will sell 'em later down the line and when you think about literally a few extra shipments for 10's of thousands of retailers it adds up= better qtrly reports= keeps shareholders happy. Ask anybody who's done retail at the managment level and they will tell you they are usually at least a little overstocked a couple of weeks near the end of many different industry qtrly reports(its not just video game manufaturers practice). I mean for 6-8 months the available INDEPENDENT data from NPD, Mediacreate, and limited sales reports from Euro all put the 360 outselling the ps3 worldwide when totaled, the official qtrly statements are pretty reliable for shipped figures since thats all shareholders are concerned with but I still will take both sony and micro's PR data from their company execs with a huge grain of salt.

snp3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I mean for 6-8 months the available INDEPENDENT data from NPD, Mediacreate, and limited sales reports from Euro all put the 360 outselling the ps3 worldwide when totaled

Could you provide these links, please. The European countries in particular.

The only links i've seen regarding Europe have PS3 handily ahead there - both on hardware and software.

Oh, and i don't except VGChartz as a link. They're rubbish.

JokesOnYou3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Well last official data said 360 sold better in Australia for all of 2009:

-January 2010
Market research firm, GfK, said sales of the Playstation 3 jumped by 27 per cent in 2009. It shifted a record 318,000 units in Australia. But Microsoft was still ahead in overall sales, selling 950,000 Xbox 360 consoles locally compared with PS3’s 770,000.

Again as I said data is limited but considering in the UK hardware sales were down for the 1st half of 2010, I'm guessing it was close either way given no news otherwise from gfk, however since June(360slim launch) all reports were that the 360 was up big for June-August, and once again in September due to Halo Reach release

-July 2010
"GfK-ChartTrack told CVG earlier this week that opening weekend sales of the Xbox 360 S - which features one fan and built-in WiFi - were higher than those enjoyed by Sony's during the release windows of both its slim PS2 and PS3."

-There's no doubt 360 has won most of the year in the US, those links are easy to find(check NPD) and since the 360 S that margin has most likely been big enough to put it ahead worlwide.

What links do you have showing "PS3 handily ahead there - both on hardware and software." for the last 6-8months?

Eddie201013644d ago

I guess Major Nelson forgot to pad the numbers, never worry Greenburgh to the rescue.

trancefreak3644d ago

I always wonder which xbox sells the most. I mean I would go with the slim 250 halo reach bundle if I was buying today or a holiday bundled 250gb slim model If that bundle was gone.

I have my jasper unit which runs great so Im happy with mine. If it isnt broke no need for another one until the 720 xbox 3 version releases.

lowcarb3644d ago

Get over it...No need to keep going on when we are not going to agree on everything. While you guys sit up here taking comments to heart and cursing up a storm we laugh because in all honestly who gives a F%#$! I could give a ratz a*s which console wins or has the best graphics. Lighten up and quit being so sensitive guys.

"In what way is that trolling??? Somebody please explain that to me!

We can't even joke anymore at a console's expense!!!

How interesting is N4G gonna be when everyone but Alpha has one bubble?"

Funny stuff but true.

number473644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Microsoft Always posts their #'s first to brag. Then they wait for Sony to correct their #'s. This has been the third time they have forgotten OVER a million 360's. Nintendo and Sony never have to correct their numbers. Why is that bots?

Immediately after Sony posts their numbers, Greenberg & MS always seem to forget about a warehouse full of 360's they forgot to report. The amazing ownage is that the 360 has been out for 5 years, and the PS3 is neck & neck with actual non-made-up numbers..Heck I wish sony would make them up too.. but its going to feel much better by doing it the honest way.

Yeah, no one can celebrate now considering MS is making stuff up at this point, but thats going to run out soon. Truth always kinda prevails.

Consoldtobots3644d ago

pathetic ABOSULUTELY pathetic, MS is not in this to compete it's obvious they are obssesed with beating sony to the point that they will say ANYTHING to maintain that illusion. It's safe to say that anything they say can be ignored as pure lies and garbage from now on. What a shameful company.