How-to 'everything' videos coming to PS3 XMB

"It Only Does Everything," says the PS3's ad campaign. But how many users actually know how to take advantage of all of the system's features out of the box? With PS3 increasingly positioning itself as a be-all entertainment device, Sony is forced to confront the XMB's clutter of icons, which may be befuddling mainstream consumers.

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TheOldOne3650d ago

thats a really good idea.

NateNater3650d ago

Yeah it is. However, the XMB has never really been confusing to me.

ExplosionSauce3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Well the XMB is pretty easy to navigate. I don't see how one can get confused, lol

There's a tab for settings, pictures, music, video, games, network and friends.
You can't get lost.

iamtehpwn3650d ago

If newbs can't Triforce, they definitely can't Everything.

WhittO3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

A better idea would be actually improving the XMB so it isn't so cluttered and confusing in the first place lol.

I can see some casuals being confused on just what all of these icons do, since they all seem to do the same thing, like in the photo category, there are a few photo apps which essentially do the same thing - view photos in a different way and make albums/group them, why not have them all under a single icon i.e Editing?
Or better yet just add those options to the normal XMB photo viewer (I cant see why people wouldnt use that which is ALOT faster and easier to use and I don't think alot of people ever use those apps at all).

nickjkl3650d ago

the only thing i see sony doing is taking all apps and putting them in one section under network

your trying to make this alot harder than it is

im guessing you never used the photo gallery app have you it gives you an entirely different perspective on your pictures giving you the ability to organize pictures by which have smiles which are not smiling land scapes and non landscapes number of people in them and similaritys

and it does it automatically by its self without you doing anything of course its not 100 percent perfect but its better than nothing

Blaine3650d ago

How much more simple could it possibly be? Honestly the XMB is a stroke of simplicity and functionality genius!

Seriously, you want to access your photos/ music/ videos/ games? Just go to the appropriate tab. You want to change system setting? There's a tab for that. To change users, just go the the far left; to see your friends, their profiles, and their messages, just go to the far right. The ONLY thing they could consolidate, are the Network and Online tabs--kind of redundant to have both, and arbitrary in the way they're separated.

Otherwise the XMB is perfect. Hell, they could even add icons for active programs under their respectful categories to have a very viable OS that could run multiple applications for other platforms, like a tablet PC.

Oner3650d ago

If the XMB is "so cluttered & confusing" then how did

"The interface win the Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for "Outstanding Innovation and Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for the Best Use of Personal Media Display and Presentation Technology" in 2006."

Proof ~

talltony3650d ago

The xmb is extremely user friendly. The 360 interface is what I call cluttered. It's def not as simplistic as the xmb. I like the xmb because I like everything laid out in front of me.

Pedobear Rocks3650d ago

How the fuck did you navigate N4G if you think the XMB is cluttered?

WhittO3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

All of you saying it is not cluttered and confusing have been using the XMB for years and have grown used to all of the additions etc.
If you were starting fresh and first time using it you would atleast think there are alot of icons that do the same thing here etc and would quickly realise after spending about 15 min using it that most of these "additions" are useless (Video editor/other photo albums etc)

It was simple and easy to use years ago, like I said you go to photos and view them, but now there are all these other icons like PS Store icons or Media servers or Video Music players etc, it is cluttered and you can't deny that.

It won an award years ago, this is not the same XMB (and for the most part that is a good thing).

I don't find it confusing and my parents can even use it now, but they only use it for the media side (DVD's, Videos, Photos and Music etc). 80% of the icons are just in the way and are never used.

It is also very annoying to organise everything, since the default is to leave everything copied/downloaded out of a folder, you tell me transferring about 40 movies/tons of albums and about a thousand photos doesn't make the XMB cluttered!!
Most casuals probably wouldn't take the time to notice if you go in and edit every video you can put it in an album.
This is a HORRIBLE method and should have been fixed years ago and replaced with a simple 'tick which items to group' option like when making a playlist.

Can you REALLY say that organising all of your photos on your PS3 (even if there is only like 50 of them) is an easy, fast and simple task?? No.

There is alot that could be changed to make the XMB more organised and simple, but they seem to have stopped trying to improve the experience now, since the last big update that improved the GUI in any significant way was close to a year ago now.

You may prefer XMB to the 360 GUI, but atleast MS are still working to improve on their interface and actually improve on what people want. Don't think I have seen 1 person actually ask for the video editor Sony gave us for example, why not work on things that we actually want?

It feels as though Sony has stopped most of the work on XMB and PSN now and is focussing efforts elsewhere (maybe PSP2 etc, who knows). But basically, I think what we have now is mostly going to be all we will ever have on the PS3/XMB until the next gen now.
Just look at the updates this year, yes they added 3D, how many people have used that option? probably less than 1% of PS3 owners..

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BYE3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

If you can disable them, it's a good idea for PS3 rookies to learn about the system.

But as a pro, I don't want them to clutter my XMB. If I wanted a cluttered menu, I'd just get an xbox /jk

Godmars2903650d ago

About time. Though they should make one XMB icon that leads tot he video series.

Also sounds like they should take this opportunity, midway or after they've posted all of the how-to, to put together a survey to see what people might want changed.

MGRogue20173650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

These are for all of the n00blets out there.. :P

Strikepackage Bravo3650d ago

PS3 didnt already have this?

360 has had this forever (Xbox 101) I still fail to see why you guys swear PS3 is so superior in every way, it STILL doesn't have basic sh%t for its users that XBL and 360 have had since launch.

The entire PS3 experience just seems like one big after thought.

TheOldOne3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

"The entire PS3 experience just seems like one big after thought."

Well how would you know? Its obvious that you dont even own a PS3, since you didnt know that it did not have this feature.

Stop trolling. I have all 3 consoles and they are all great experiences.

BrianG3650d ago

Just to let you know, Xbox 360's dashboard is quite the thing, and difficult to navigate if you aren't experienced in it.

Same with all the button options, difficult to find if your new. I know people on Xbox that just figured out 3 years later how to find all the games in the Game Marketplace, not just the newest 20. And how to quit to dashboard by hitting Y.

The PS3's XMB is relatively simple. It is the same idea as the 360's dashboard the way its laid out, but its all on one page. So its easier to navigate.

GoldPS33650d ago

Well the PS3 has more mature adults. It don't really need how to vids. The 360 do since it has more 5-10 year old kids.

writersblock3650d ago

Trolololololololololololololol ol

CrAnKiTuP_013650d ago

That's simply because the PS3 doesn't NEED these! It never has, and is already extremely accessible. That's why M$ took note and created their vertical XMB knock-off, or new XBE.

Killed4Less3650d ago

Actually go look at Windows Media Center which pre-dates the XMB if you want to see who is taking who's idea.

That argument is old and has been killed off long ago.

duplissi3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

when did the interface for windows media center come out?...

the xmb debuted in 2004 on the psx.

edit: just googled it and well in 2004 windows media center most certainly did not behave like the xmb....

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Blaine3650d ago

but that's because I've had it since launch, so I learned it bit by bit as Sony added functionality. For instance, the PS3 didn't have in-game XMB back then! So I know that tapping the home button pops up the XMB, and holding it brings up an options menu--it's a tiny detail, but I doubt every new owner knows details like this.

Also, you can listen to music while viewing picture slideshows or browsing the internet. Just start your music, press the home button to go back to the xmb, and go to the browser or your pictures and the music will keep playing. There's a lot of little things to pick up.

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