Fable 3 unseats Halo: Reach in gametime rankings

For the month of October, Halo: Reach held the number one spot on gaming social platform Raptr's gametime rankings. However, Fable 3 has jumped up to the top spot in rankings tallied from last week's stats. An even bigger question remains for next week, when Halo: Reach's appeal gets a serious contender with the much-anticipated release of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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GamingGamer3644d ago

and i see that TV halo marketings are gone, but Fable 3 ads move in to replaced them.

mokmoof3643d ago

Right. It's the blockbuster mentality. Anything you you push hard enough can be THE NUMBER ONE WHATEVER for a while.

poison_shadow3643d ago

Okay, this... is very surprising to me. I mean, Fable III looks extremely boring to me.