GameSpot reviews Warhawk - "Great flight control and excellent fun"

It's a good thing, then, that most of Warhawk is incredibly straightforward. It's easy to jump right into a game using the game's server browser, and there seem to already be plenty of people playing at all hours. If you've ever played something like Battlefield 2 or Star Wars: Battlefront, you'll probably take to Warhawk's brand of team-based multiplayer shooting quickly, as it's a simplified take on that experience. The maps have bases strewn about that your team can capture. Capturing them gives you a place to spawn, or if you're playing in the zones mode, it'll help you earn points toward winning the game.

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nasim4068d ago

for the best MP game of all time


TriggerHappy4067d ago

reviews are usually very strict and sometimes unfair, it seems fairness was exercised here.

greed4068d ago

it should have atleast gotten a 9.0 or 8.9 seriously but on a more important note i need this game i have to wait till Friday; thats when i get paid and that sucks monkey n^ts

heroman7114068d ago

u think u got it bad, i have to wait till sunday to BUY the game then monday i get to play it at a friends house


well I think any game that score more than 8 is a must buy anyway so 8.5 is a good score come on. Anyway, My Warhawk rank drop from 538 last night to 3495 just now, what the hell?!? how long have people been playing?!!?

SacT0wnF1n3st4068d ago

This game should get a 9 from GS. The only negative thing about this game according to GS is that in game help is not effective which is not a big deal.

Premonition4068d ago

Wow thats strange that it would take a BIG point hit just for missing one little feature? atleast a 9.0 or something.

Chaos Striker4068d ago

Just a thought, but I think the scoring might have been a bit higher if Gamespot kept their old score rating system. Nonetheless it is a great game and I can't wait to pick it up when I have a chance.

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The story is too old to be commented.