DirecTV Breaks Up with G4

The satellite TV provider DirecTV has dropped the G4 Network after a string of failed negotiations with G4's parent company Comcast. (which, probably not coincidentally, is one of DirecTV's biggest competitors)

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BulletProofVess3818d ago

hasnt been very good
almost every time i switch to it
Cops or ninja warrior reruns

that and Oliva Munn hasn't been on AOTS that much
oh well maybe shes working on another cameo appearance in some movies

sad for directv users but im sure there still be able to access almost everything from the G4 website

cochise3133818d ago

yeah everytime i turn it there, it's either cops or cheaters. i thought that was supposed to be a gamer chanel

RememberThe3573818d ago

G4 has been going down hill since they took over TechTV. The channel is garbage. I don't miss it at all.

Montrealien3818d ago

Here in Canada you get The Office reruns, campus PD great latenite cartoons and your typical G4 shows, glad this is not affecting Canada because G4tech is a great channel. And olivia Munn has become a regular corespondent on the Daily Show.

Legionaire20053818d ago

Cops, Cheaters, Campus Police, Ninja Warrior and etc. Its just like what happen to MTV when it was all about music, now its all just reality shows and less music.

Montrealien3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

not in Canada no, I guess to sum this up, G4 sucks in the state? because I have no idea what you are all talking about. The main programming is gaming and tech related.

BannedForNineYears3818d ago

What's G4? :D
Screw TV.......

CyberCam3818d ago

we have "Reviews On The Run" & "EP Daily" which are Canadian based shows. That's the only reason why I still have it. However, it's still a channel I hardly watch.

ELite_Ghost3818d ago

yea gotta love victor lucas!!

ExcelKnight3818d ago

Interestingly, there are more and more channels outside of G4 that are carrying brand new episodes of EP Daily/Weekly and Reviews on the Run in Canada. It's gotten to a point where I don't even watch G4 anymore since it's always behind on news and has next to no content you can't already get way earlier on GameFAQs.

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Milksteak3818d ago

She spends most of her time on the Daily Show now. Miss her.

Only time I ever really tune in anymore is for Gadget Pr0n, other than that...I catch most of their stuff online.

silkrevolver3818d ago

...she IS great on the Daily Show!

come_at_me_bro3818d ago

It's like I'm really on GameFaqs right now.

Bnet3433818d ago

Garbage channel now. I liked it when they had "Arena" and "" They would always talk about gaming. I remember they were debating best game of E3 2004. Half Life 2, Halo 2, etc. The good ole' days. It was an awesome channel. Now it blows anal warts. Blow it up, we need a new true 24/7 gaming channel.

Beahmscream3818d ago

Completely agree. G4TV needs a makeover

morkendo233818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

G4 who watch that craptastic show any more??
like bulletproofvess SAID: reruns of cops an ninja warriors, cheaters. only time G4TV is exciting when E3 airs other than that why bother?

BrianC62343818d ago

You're better off just going to their site. They have more gaming stuff on there than on TV. Do they have much gaming on TV now? I rarely watch it anymore.

Hurmun3818d ago

I agree with this guy. They didn't have any good shows. They should get rid of G4 and bring back Tech TV. That channel was tight.

Kewl_Kat3818d ago

munn's been doing skits for the daily show

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alcapwn1803818d ago

And DirecTV users are at a lost? No not at all. Only good thing is Adam Sessler. G4TV has turned itself into a show for a bunch of bros to talk about porn and the latest Apple product.

DuneBuggy3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Well I did DVR Xplay, but never watched the channel otherwise.Not counting E3 highlights and other "special events". G4 isnt available in any form in my area now.Local cable doesnt carry it.
Oh well...
EDIT.I feel like a idiot. I have Dish Network now, so I guess i'm still good.

Montrealien3818d ago

Just saying..

"a show for a bunch of bros to talk about porn and the latest Apple product"

makes you a special person, and as bad as the "bros" you label.

deltaforce823818d ago

G4 has been worthless since 2005

Shield3818d ago

Glad I don't have Direct TV.

Montrealien3818d ago

yep, the issue here is DirectTV failing to keep channels. they almost lost Fox recently also. Tough times are ahead for DirectTV.

deltaforce823818d ago

I'm a Directv customer Shield, and the only the I want to do is write a letter to Directv and thank them.

radphil3817d ago

Last time I checked with my channels, nothing of value was lost...

TheGameFoxJTV3818d ago

Lol, Losing FOX and G4 sounds like they actually know what they're doing.

Shield3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Yep, they sure do know what they're doing. Ripping their customers off!

I bet DirectTV customers who believe that dropping channels (crappy or not) from their service is okay are the same ones that are paying $60 an incomplete game and then drop another $30 for all the DLC to complete the experience. -__-


radphil3817d ago


As stated before, when I look at the channel packages, I don't see anything of value lost.

Also way to be a generalized ass....

TheGameFoxJTV3818d ago

You have internet. You can still see E3. Without random ads.

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