Metallica to launch Black Ops in Santa Monica

M2G Writes:

Metallica’s partnered with Activision to headline the Call of Duty: Black Ops launch event on November 4 at Santa Monica Airport’s Hangar 8.

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big_silky3644d ago

it's kinda sad that metallica have become such a safe metal band. at least their peers like slayer and megadeth are still angry and "hungry".

Static-X3644d ago

November 4th? I thought it was the 9th!

ilikestuff3644d ago

metallica! i dub thee unforgiven for killing napster! kidding, just thought that up when i saw the headline

Bathyj3644d ago

No wonder they're angry if they have no money to buy food.

But seriously, they should sing One, and replace the war footage with Black Ops footage.

seinfan3644d ago

I don't know what a "safe" metal band is. Their last album was great and it only gets flack from bandwagon fans who see comments like "I only listen to Metallica's early music" or fans that wouldn't give them a chance after the fail of an album St. Anger was.

Elwenil3644d ago

Just when I thought they couldn't sell out any more...

MASTER_RAIDEN3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

for starters im just going to say that the one thing i care about more than video games is naturally im a bit bias toward.

anyway, i hate to say it but metallica did this thing called "Growing Up". theyre still an incredibly mindful and opinionated band that makes great music. they can be angry, and take you through a range of emotion.

point is, its been 30 something years since metallica started out. i think the whole "selling out" issue is a bit of a cliche. they cant be an "angry" band forever...thats so childish. its called expanding your horizons and experimenting with different sounds. they can do what the fuck they want. they make amazing music and dont have shiit to prove. plus death magnetic was awesome. endorsing black ops, though incredibly cheesy, is awesome too.

no offense to you personally guy! i just disagree. mustane sucks.

BeOneWithTheGun3644d ago

First, it's Mustaine.
Second...never mind.

Chug3644d ago

You actually sounded like you knew what you were talking about until you criticized Mustaine.

Dsnyder3644d ago

Think what you like, but Metallica has managed to stay relevant through the years, which is more than most metal bands can say about themselves. Death Magnetic is their best work in years. Really brings you back to their old stuff. Even their new stuff wasn't that bad. St anger had a few gems in it. Reload and load were terrible though. Im surprised St anger get as much hate as it does.

Also this whole sellout thing is pretty naive. Any band with a brain in their head wants to get to the top of the charts. Even your little indie bands would love to get the the top 100 and have undying fame. Dont act like they are in it for the fans. They are in it for making money. Period. As long as the band sounds good though, I dont care how much money they make. Hating on a band because they are successful never made any sense to me. People want their musicians to starve and that is pretty sick.

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SuperStrokey11233644d ago

Activision does everything for money, metallica does everything for money. Its a match made in heaven...

PimpHandHappy3644d ago

the most important metal band ever!!!!

if you dont think so your a fake and a DB

They evolve and while i love Slayer and Megadeth along with many other bands from those days i still respect Metallica because even today if you seen them live the new stuff rocks like none other!!

on point
I wish they didnt do this!! Why not get Korn for it... They are total sell outs unlike Metallica

thebudgetgamer3644d ago

but sabbath is the moest important metal band.

PimpHandHappy3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

because Sabbath was the 1st but they are not "TRUE" metal.... They are and were a heavy rock band that was based more so on slow groovey blues riffs then anything. I love Sabbath but when it comes to Metal today Metallica was what most of these bands cut their teeth on... Kill em All and Master of Puppets alone crushes all other albums in Metal History... IMO of course

btw i guess i will argue that :-)


DeathMetal3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

"They are total sell outs unlike Metallica" go listen to master of puppets then listen to the Black album, Load or Reload and tell me you still believe that. Old metallica was great new metallica sucks. Slayer is a way better band than them.

PimpHandHappy3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

i take it you like faster metal... My fav metal of today is Gojira just so you know were im coming from

like i said in my 1st post... The evolved into a rock band that has some real heavy songs. You cant go 20+ years and not have some weak albums.. I own a ton of Slayer and let me tell you they are a one trick pony! THEY CANT AND NEVER WILL be able to hang on stage vs Mettalica.. The best album they have is Decade of Aggression and that was YEARS ago.. Do you not like Death Magnetic? Some killer metal riffs on that stuff.

Like i said
You can not go for so long and not have a few stinkers and i will agree they lost their way for a bit but live NO ONE anywhere can touch them and that is and always will be truth! They are and will be the biggest Metal band in history and there is a reason for it... They made fans along the way and the only ppl they lost was the fake hardcore metal fan

and btw
The Black Album is KILLER! Wherever i may roam... Of Wolf and Man... Through the Never... Will still get a crowd going and are awesome metal songs... No matter what you think

seinfan3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Another guy who hasn't gave Death Magnetic a play through. It's not MoP or AJFA, but it's better than the Black album imo.

And Slayer... lol overrated.

Razmossis3644d ago

I'd call it experimenting or evolving, which is something you must do unless you want to end up like Anvil.

Seriously, can people not just enjoy good songs for being 'good songs'? Just because you are in a metal band doesn't mean you don't enjoy other genres.

I used to be METAL METAL METAL when I was younger, denying myself from anything else... ended up with a sore head. Today I've been listening to Devildriver, Ellie Goulding and Faith No More... this is coming from a guy who has seen Metallica and Slayer 10 times collectively.

I'm glad Metallica made Load, it's a fantastic sounding album and has some of my favourite songs on there, regardless of genre or what the band used to be like

DeathMetal3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I think slayer live is great, just my opinion. But i agree with what you said for the most part. I guess I just like how Slayer stayed true to form even though some might find it boring. But I agree that metallica is the biggest metal band ever and I do like songs off all their albums, however I just think the old ones are classics and the way they changed for a while disappointed me and many other people. But to not say they are not sellouts is laughable, kirk Hammet had black fingernail polish on for the load album. Their last ablm was great though as far as the music. And at the dude above me Slayer is not overated. Hell they won a grammy with no radio airplay what so ever, which is pretty impressive to me. And Slayer can easily hang with anyone on stage, go see them play Angel of Death in person, it's insane.

BeOneWithTheGun3644d ago

When I was 21 I was pounding beer, dropping acid, partying like a rock star and eating pizza for breakfast.

I am now 37 and drink a couple beers, drop a Franklin at BestBuy and eat vegetables.

Still have Reign In Blood memorized but I hope you see my point.

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ChronoJoe3644d ago

lol 'they are total sellouts UNLIKE metallica'

I agree about 'em being a great band but metallica are just about the biggest sellouts in the industry. Aside the mainstream pop and hip hop shit of course, where selling out just comes natural.

falloutx3644d ago

I saw METALLICA live on concert 2 years ago and believe me when I say they are the greatest live band there is.

huzzaahh3644d ago

Opeth will hold that title for all eternity.

VenomProject3644d ago

KISS is the greatest live show, fact. Look it up. :)

Jack-Pyro3644d ago

I'm afraid both of you are wrong, that title will always and forever go to Pink Floyd, and Roger Waters!

huzzaahh3644d ago

The only other band that I could ever consider for best live performance is Queen.

Queen or Opeth, you decide, but they're the only two choices.

BeOneWithTheGun3644d ago

But I understand a lot of N4G's were not even born yet when they played their best live shows. If you saw Slayer in the 80s you know what I am talking about. Oh, Priest, too.

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ZombieNinjaPanda3644d ago

This is getting ridiculous Activision. They're advertising this like the second coming of christ.

Bathyj3644d ago


Jesus wishes he had Activisions advertising budget.

seinfan3644d ago

Wait a minute, Jesus can make his own money.

ZombieNinjaPanda3644d ago


A testament to how much money Activision Spends on Call of Duty Advertising.

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