Deep Silver's PS3-exclusive fitness game is now available

Publisher Deep Silver's new fitness program, Get Fit with Mel B, is now available exclusively on the PS3's PlayStationMove setup.

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Zir03644d ago

I believe this is just a timed exclusive, its also coming to Kinect and Wii.

sinncross3644d ago

Yes you're right it is timed exclusive.
360 and Wii versiosn are advertised on their website, but they release later in the year.


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lobridge3644d ago

I have been using the game for about a week and have tried most all of the Wii fitness games. This one works extremely well and has a ton of variety. It is worth a shot to anyone interested in fitness games.

Sunny_D3644d ago

Not sure if serious...

lobridge3644d ago

The major sites have not reviewed it yet but do a quick google search. I have not read a single negative review yet. It does a great job of tracking your movements, the interface is well done and refined. For fitness games it is excellent IMHO.

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The story is too old to be commented.