Keiji Inafune: Capcom Expressed Little Interest In Resignation

Keiji Inafune has always been an outspoken person in the gaming industry. His recent quotes regarding the Japanese gaming industry would give one the impression that since he no longer works for Capcom Inafune would set his sights on a Western company. That may not be the case.

During a candid interview with 4Gamers Inafune discusses his departure from Capcom and his future in the industry.

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xino3645d ago

"KI: Even when I submitted my letter of resignation, nobody contacted me about it. (laughs) There should’ve be" LOL! body didn't really care for him O_o

"but you would think that someone from management would want to at least try and stop someone with such skills from leaving, or even ask about it." Says so much about Capcom, this should tell people why Shinji Kami, Hideyiki and others left Capcom and went for Platninum Games. It shows that Capcom are farking people up in the company!

CountDracula3645d ago

Because he sucked on RE5 that's why. (He was Executive producer)