Ars.TV exclusive: watch us play with Kinect live, in the wild

ARS: Last week we attended Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference, and we had a special opportunity to record ourselves playing with Kinect. Our cold-brewed, full-body review is coming later this week, but in the interim, check out three videos of Kinect play, including Reflex Ridge and 20,000 Leaks from Kinect Adventures, and Volleyball from Kinect Sports. We flail around, and then give you our brief impressions of Kinect.

Truth be told, we weren't at PDC to play games, but when Microsoft told us we could have some fun and record it too, we grabbed what we had on hand and started recording. It was only later that we realized that publishing the video might expose Kurt as the goofball he is, but alas, it seemed like the civic-minded thing to do.

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Godmars2903644d ago

Sorry, but that's not "in the wild" as far as I'm concerned.

Put it in someone's house, then you can talk wild.

jack_burt0n3644d ago

Micrsoft: "Yes you will need quite alot of clear floor, you will need to move furniture make sure there is no clutter so kinect can scan the floor to calibrate."

When microsoft is concerned this is as "wild" as its gonna get lol.

Nineball21123644d ago

I can see this being fun in a party situation or with a family.

However, I'm not sure it has lasting appeal or is worth the cost, at least for me.

I do think it'll sell well though.

Omega43644d ago

More flawless gameplay. Funny how so many thought MS would release Kinect when it wasn't ready lol.

Pennywise3644d ago

Flawless? Fun? All just opinions.

GamingGamer3644d ago

you are obviously a fanboy.

how do you know it worked flawlessly??

99percent of the video shows only the players and not the screen.

and i dont understand what you mean by "more".... when i see video recorded by users on youtube, its just kinect glitching and lagging most of the time

Simco8763644d ago

Kind of like they released the 360 when it was ready?

Christopher3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Flawless is very subjective here. From the article: "The video shows some lag between movement and the game's reaction, but it felt seamless in practice."

I think it works for the games being developed, but I think that may be a limiting factor of their gameplay options if they don't solve the general lag issues.

I also think the level of learning is so easy in that there is no real challenge here from any complex actions. Something most hardcore gamers look for in their games. It's a rapidly press button A and B fighting game that auto-strings together the combat for you rather than one that relies on you learning combos and how to best use them.

Perhaps MS is right and this is great for the casual market, but for me, I occasionally pay $0.99 for a game like this on my iPhone, but I'll never pay $40-50 for the same level of complexity.

Genecalypse3644d ago

Flawless? Omega4 dont kid yourself.

That was a whole minute of people moving around..without showing the screen and kinect working.

Narutone663644d ago

MS told him to say that.

cliffbo3644d ago

you are going to be so disappointed Omega4. i almost feel sorry for you

Ju3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Flawless. Funny, and would have said "that thing just doesn't work"...just opinions, I guess.

hiredhelp3644d ago

LOL OMEGA4 long time mightydog might want to have a few words with you laters.

flawless he he. i have move and a good selection of move games. no game or hardware is flawless.

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sku7790tz3644d ago

i can feel they hated being game journalists at that moment.

Fishy Fingers3644d ago

They looked like they were having fun, whether on not that would still be the case in an hour is a different matter.

gigaware3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

That's pretty sneaky of you :/

What makes you think people should be playing more than an hour of any given game for Kinect?

Just s sneaky...

Now back to tai bow. I've been doing it all day simply to give tai bow haters something to bash if for when I start complaining about being tired.

Fishy Fingers3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Whats sneaky about it? Would, what they're doing, keep you captivated for extended periods of time? I personally dont think it would.

Edit: I dont understand your comment additions. Essentially unless you heap praise your just a hater? That what your trying to say?

Shackdaddy8363644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Thats how they make money. One game doesn't keep you satisfied for a long time. Therefore, you have to keep buying more games since you already bought an expensive camera.

Most, if not all of the games, dont have online to have lasting appeal after all.

DelbertGrady3644d ago

"Ars TV - Ars in motion"


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