Online Multiplayer Patch for VF5 PS3?

Xbox 360 owners rejoiced when Sega and AM2 announced that their version of Virtua Fighter 5 would incorporate long desired online multiplayer features, but PlayStation 3 gamers who'd picked up the game earlier in the year felt left in the cold. A Games Convention 2007 interview with AM2 Assistant Manager Tohru Murayama at Total Video Games, however, provides hope for the future.

Murayama acknowledged that PS3 owners are disappointed and suggested there was "no doubt" AM2 could theoretically release a patch to add online multiplayer features to the PS3 version.

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TriggerHappy4068d ago

It will happen sooner or later, the game did well on the PS3 considering the current user base number. It would be poor on Sega's side to not release the patch.

Maddens Raiders4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Everyone knows the reason it wasn't included was because AM2 wanted to hurry and get this game to market. What a great gift it would be for them to give to players who play on a free online service. It just makes sense.

fopums4068d ago

damn skippy! thats what patchs are for :D

Meus Renaissance4068d ago

I dont understand why they couldn't have done this months ago?

WaggleLOL4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Whatever, VF5 is old news that no one but the tiny 360 crowd is interested in anymore.

Tekken 5DR Online - 1080p 60fps online goodness is right around the corner.

LOL, a year old port with crappier graphics than the PS3! Yeah, console gamers are going to be running out to pick up those dusty 360 still sitting on store shelves since last December's channel flooding by Microsoft.

360_Rules4068d ago

Sour Grapes that VF5 is going to be best on the 360!

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The story is too old to be commented.