Conan goresplosion - Heads, limbs and intestines fly in this exclusive video

Forget everything you might have seen in '80s movies and crappy cartoons - nobody, but nobody batters and chops his way through a gore-soaked adventure quite like Conan the Barbarian. Kratos and Nariko might have swords on chains, but Conan breaks men's backs with his bare hands. For fun. While simultaneously having drunken sex with three chicks in jeweled loincloths. That's just the kind of guy he is.

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kn4157d ago

Flirting with an AO rating at this point?

RadientFlux4157d ago

there are a few games coming out this fall that wouldn't surprise me with an AO rating

Conan and Jericho

kn4157d ago

Yes, I forgot Jericho. I thought the same thing when I first saw the details on the game.


It seems that as the mighty Kratos sleeps there are those that would aspire to take his thrown

Conan(seeking to claim what was rightfully his
Beowulf(trying to prove he was the original, Barbarian
Viking( the rookie on the block

Keep em' coming, one of them ought to be good enuff, But when God of War 3 drops, They will all run for the hills


The vid doesn't do this game justice, the art style already leaves some questioning its graphics, and now these crappy vid feeds.
oh well

Hope this game plays well


MK_Red4157d ago

1.Awesome find and vid.
2.OMG, I just noticed how blood effects are like Toruk 2 on N64! Awesome.
3.This is a must have for me (Gore fans rejoice!)
4.Terrible dialogue.