Rush Limbaugh Defends Video Game Free Speech? It’s True

With the battle for video game regulation is coming closer, it seems that an odd ally has joined the ranks of gamers and developers everywhere.

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T3mpr1x3650d ago

Hah. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Though he does make sense, this time.

Orange3650d ago

If we're going by weight, he's actually 2 1/2 men. If we're going by ability to get it up without viagra, I'm guessing he's about a quarter to half a man.

SilverSlug3650d ago

are for free speech. Actually Manson (the artist, not the serial killer) is registered Republican for this same reason. They might not like violent video games, rap artists; but they aren't going to throw away free speech.

Orange3650d ago

Who the fu*k cares what Marilyn Manson thinks? Is that supposed to give your argument credibility? Nice try.

Taggart4513650d ago

Unfortunately this is probably going to turn into a giant flame war of the Obamazombies and the Tea Baggers. Guys...come are our passion here.

NJShadow3650d ago

Wow, this is pretty awesome.

OGharryjoysticks3650d ago

He's a guy that basically calls out the obvious and collects money for it. Such a rip off but obviously he's got connections. And anyway, he seems controversial because the obvious isn't what mainsteam media tries to brainwash you with. And so he sounds extreme to the nipple suckers because he uses common sense while the mainstream media doesn't want you to think for yourself or their grip will weaken.