[email protected] Reviews:Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

[email protected] writes: Castlevania is a series that goes back a long time and it has been re-adapted and upgraded so many times since. Most of these changes didn’t turn out so well for the franchise, and some did well enough to bring fans back into the series. The things we loved the most from the series were its classic origins, being a very challenging 2D plat former. Well now it has made its debut return as a reboot of the franchise in 3D, where we are able to take full control of our protagonist whip wielding hero once again. The Belmont family has always been sort of cursed for having to deal with the creatures of the night, but this time one of the Belmont’s known as Gabriel has even more to deal with. Well let’s see if this next gen classic has what it takes to be a redefining moment in Castlevania history.

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