Xbox 360's Kinect, PlayStation Move to Each Sell 10 Million by End of 2011, says Pachter

Microsoft is launching its much talked about (and very much marketed) Kinect motion camera this week. While the Redmond giant is throwing its considerable weight behind the platform, Sony's motion controls solution, PlayStation Move, should do equally well over the course of the next year, says Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter.

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donniebaseball3650d ago

If it actually gets to 10 million, that's a decent installed base finally. Pubs would not want to ignore it.

Anarki3650d ago

Why does everyone care so much about this guy?

snoopgg3650d ago

Fark what this turd says.

rezzah3650d ago

because most poeple like to follow, that way they dont have to think for themselves.

PostApocalyptic3650d ago

I can't stand him. He's so wrong on all his numbers, most of the time. And when he's right he's usually 1 to 2 years off.

rroded3650d ago Show
metsgaming3650d ago

exactly, many today just seem incapable of thinking for themselves

HolyOrangeCows3650d ago


"Xbox 360's Kinect, PlayStation Move to Not Each Sell 10 Million by End of 2011"

Fine by me.

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Christopher3650d ago

Don't really care so much about peripheral sales as I do about software that utilizes the peripherals. I can see both reaching 10-15 million by next year, but what will matter more in the long run is the type and quality of software. Something I think is beginning to falter in general with the Wii.

ClownBelt3650d ago

Lol nah...Both will die around summer of next year.


Lets hope so, this motion control bullshit is getting way out of hand.

irepbtown3650d ago

Actually, No.

I'm not sure about kinect, but Move does seem to target different audience. I've been playing golf, not my type of game but its quite exciting. I cant wait for Socom 4. And i think alot more Hardcore games will follow.

donniebaseball3650d ago

Well it's good in the sense of expanding the industry, but if it's at the expense of more solid core games, then that's not so great for serious gamers

josephayal3650d ago

michael patchter go home and be a family guy

jp_footy23650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

lol, very funny

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The story is too old to be commented.