GamePro: God of War: Ghost of Sparta

GamePro: Easily one of my favorite titles this year, God of War III pushed the PS3 to its full potential, brought the Athenian ass-kicker's trilogy to a satisfying conclusion, and, so I thought, satiated my appetite for the epic third-person action franchise. Having collected countless colored orbs, participated in several sex mini-games, and defeated more mythological beasties than I can shake a severed Medusa head at, I'd felt Kratos -- as much as I love the grumpy 'ole god-slayer -- had offered me all he could. I was done. In fact, had I not been assigned this review, I probably wouldn't have bothered dusting off the PSP for yet another Kratos-helmed kill spree.

Shame on me then for underestimating Ready at Dawn's ability to breathe new life -- and plenty of death -- into the five-year old franchise.

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Iceland3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

The wait is killing me! One more day until I can get my hands on it.