Do you want a gaming future with buttons? We must fight!

Ben Kuchera of Ars wrote: We live in a time when the Wii is starting to stumble on the sales charts. Sony is pushing what looks like a glowing ice cream cone instead of a next-generation system. Microsoft is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to promote the Kinect, which of course offers gaming with absolutely no buttons.

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BubbleSystemSuck3645d ago

wiimote has buttons...
Move has button...

ConanOBrien3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Xbox 360 will always come with a gamepad and buttons, so to add the same buttons on Kinect is stupid or pointless.

Gamepad = standard controller
Kinect = optional motion controller

Gamepad + Kinect = gaming controllers, future or not

Masamori Sumimura3645d ago

I dont understand why you got Disagrees but you are right. Controllers are here to stay without a doubt. Montion controls only adds to the experience.

Red_Orange_Juice3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

there always will be FIFA's, slashers, etc, standard controllers aren't going anywhere

DERKADER3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I've been saying this ever since i got me Wii and gave it to my little sister, "Motion gaming is a Gimmick that lasts 15mins then you get bored of it". All the Wii did was replace the right analog stick thumb movement with a wrist movement. Wow what a game changer!!!

rumplstilts3645d ago


Dear lord, It isn't about the motion controls. It is about THE GAMES! If you weren't so thick then maybe you would understand that there is a decent backlog with some of Nintendo's greatest games ever. And the virtual console too. How can you call yourself a gamer and just give away an entire console!?

tacosRcool3645d ago

Who would give up buttons? People with no hands of course!

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deadreckoning6663645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Buttons are going no least not in out lifetime. The guy who wrote the article is a drama queen.

"sorry kinect fans, buttons is the way of gaming. the user experience that is buttons will not/never be replaced."

Why have you been trolling Kinect articles all day? All your accomplishing is showing everyone who sad you are. But of course, this is N4G, where 70% of its populace are anti-Kinect and I will get disagrees while ignorant people like you get agrees. Nothing new.

@Clownbelt- Very mature comment s/
Maybe if you had a more open mind you'd understand that the rest of the world isn't black and white like the fanboys on this website. the real world, a gamer has the ability to enjoy hardcore AND casual games.

Also, believe it or not, there are people who out there who enjoy both Killzone and Halo.

Blasphemy you say? Nope, its just the real world....a concept that the majority of this site has trouble grasping.

@jriquelme- do realize that ur agreeing with my point..right?

facepalm/ Did you not read the first sentence I wrote? Maybe if u hurry u can quickly edit your comment..

BubbleSystemSuck3645d ago

how you write this comment? how you turn ON the device where you write this?
With... buttons?
Hoy you turn ON an Xbox 360?

lowcarb3645d ago

Buttons will always be around but what I feel a game needs most is some type of feed back or vibration. I'm not sure how some of the Playstation guys do it but I must have vibration when playing games.

STiRacer3645d ago

Everybody knows motion control gaming is just stupid with buttons or without. I complete agree with the author. We need to fight against SHOVELWARE 2.0

avengers19783645d ago

Standard contollers are always going to be needed.

blackburn53645d ago

Exactly. What the hell is this guy talking about. Is this what gaming journalism has been reduced too?

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TheOldOne3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Move and Wii do have buttons...

edit: damn jriquelme u beat me to it

sku7790tz3645d ago

sorry kinect fans, buttons is the way of gaming. the user experience that is buttons will not/never be replaced.

i will call it now, $500M wasted just like that.

ClownBelt3645d ago

Didn't you know? The Xbox fanboys in this site are all casual gamers. IT'S ABOUT THE SALEZZZZ!!!

visualb3645d ago

"Didn't you know? The Xbox fanboys in this site are all casual gamers. IT'S ABOUT THE SALEZZZZ!!!"

do you mean, they are all Microsoft Investors

Titanz3645d ago

What if a system were created where gamers can craft their own virtual control preference?

If you haven't seen the touchable hologram video, I suggest you "google" it.

Simco8763645d ago

And this is still a form of button!

Buttons ain't goin anywhere kids!

karim3645d ago

Nice Picture :P On Topic : I want both

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