NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 TDP is 244W, includes 128 TMU, Benchmarks Leaked

VR-Zone writes: "Following up on previously leaked specifications, Chinese website eNet has filled in some missing information - notably TDP and TMU count. The TDP of GeForce GTX 580 is at 244W, slightly lower than the GeForce GTX 480. The texture fillrate had been viewed by many as one of the bottlenecks for GF100, and eNet reports that GF110 effectively doubles the TMU count to 128 TMUs. Apart from this substantial improvement in TMU, the GF110 is a "full revision" and fixed version of GF100."

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CombineElite3643d ago

Still waiting on hard confirmed benchmarks from reputable web sites on what the performance specs for the GTX 580 are gonna be.

Still the GTX 460 Sli or HD 6870 CF are the best solutions and both setups are cheaper than the GTX480 that they totally crush.