How to get the fabled review copies of games and become a reviewer.

"For anyone with a passion for games getting them for free sounds like a dream, and for myself getting to write about them as well was doubly so.
With my previous article on how to the these fabled free games proving so popular it made sense to write a new and better version compared to the hastily written previous one. So here we go."

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Sidology3644d ago

This isn't really for Joe Schmoe.

But being a reviewer isn't all about "HURR, FREE GAMES." Reps aren't going to want to deal with you if you're just some scab trying to score free games.

Your site has to encompass every aspect to reach as many people as possible.

Sidology3644d ago

That said, I think your article provides a lot of useful tips and gives a different insight to aspiring writers who may have been coming at it the wrong way.

I was real excited to get my first review copy (Lords of Shadow) just last month. Made sure I had my review done in five days.

Zinc3644d ago

So, ah... have you ever experienced someone literally saying, "Hurr.", in a sentence?

I only ask, because I'm interested.

ShadowJetX3644d ago

I do in fact happen to know people who've used such talk in real life situations. It doesn't make them look smart whatsoever.

Sidology3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

To answer your question, yes. Yes, I have.

Mockingly, most assuredly, but still.

guru95353644d ago

Its definitely not as easy as it sounds. Getting review copies takes some work. A blog or site takes a long time to build up the kind of traffic that most publishers want in order to send you their games.

I spend a decent amount of time on my site and we have a relationship with some of the big names, like Bethesda and Nintendo, but it's a job in itself keeping good relationships with publishers and my readers as well. Thats something a lot of the big sites seem to have lost hold of....responding to their readers questions.

250,000 hits a month is a pretty good amount of views. Sites like destructoid get between a million to two million a month, where IGN and Gamespot get over five million. My site hit 50,000 in it's first month, so we were still able to make some decent PR relationships, but we're still a work in progress....

While we're not trying to be the next IGN or gamespot, we've found a niche that works for us, in previewing and reviewing products and titles that the big sites ignore.

My advice to anyone out there is to have fun with it. Initially, don't go into it expecting to be the next big thing. It's great to get free games, but like this guy says, it's all about holding your end of the deal up, you've got to give a thorough review. Good luck.....good submission, I've read others like it, and this is pretty much the way to get started. Theres a few other pointers I'd give, but this is the basics.

vgn243644d ago

Sadly so many kids start up a wordpress or joomla blog (or worse CCMS) and think they'll be the next IGN within a month because they have 2 friends and they post as 8 different people on their new forums.

Suddenly they realize that hard work isn't fun and BAM - we have the hundreds and hundreds of dead and gone videogame sites littering the web.

Publishers (and the PR firms they use) know this and avoid "fly-by-night" and upstart blogs like the plague. Sadly this writer doesn't have a clue.

guru95353644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

also, to those out there thinking that big sites need to give scores to certain games so they keep getting "free copies"'re wrong. The big sites (like gamespot's parent co.) made over 400 million dollars last year. While it's true they need to get the copies early, they could care less if they get it for free and save $60.... if your yearly revenue is over $400 million, you're still going to get those review me on that....smaller sites need to get those copies for free, and they are going to (in some cases) stroke the developers ego and give a bad game a decent review, thinking that is going to keep them in good graces.

It's hit or miss and the best way in my opinion is to "Keep it real". Your readers will know if you're putting out BS reviews. If you gave Alpha Protocol an 8/10 or Crackdown 2 anything higher than an 8/10, when everyone, the developer included, knows that it was just a rehash of the first game, with actually less content...youre full of it.

Also, if you're going to run a site, learn how to use proper english, like using the word "too", "two" or "to".
I see big sites using those words wrong and it's pathetic.

xAlmostPro3643d ago

@trapperdan how does he not have a clue?

he pretty much stated what you did, that getting the blog is the easy part, but its not gonna happen overnight or anytime soon unless you have a real passion for games and are willing to put the work in..

maybe you should fully read it

Unbornkirkster193644d ago

First good article of the month, lets keep it going! I thought this was pretty interesting, i always wondered how you got a review copy of a game.