Xbox LIVE Fall Update causes problems for some

The new Xbox LIVE Fall Update has been released and with it a slew of new features and improvements. Some 360 users have reported experiencing some troubles after downloading the update, however. These problems range from Microsoft Points mysteriously disappearing from their accounts to Xbox Live Arcade Games not working anymore.

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HornyHaggis3650d ago

Again, how can this be news? Pretty much every update will have bugs in it, it's not exactly something unexpected.

Super-Brad3650d ago

Being a developer myself (Android), I get complaints of the tiniest of bugs, which makes people complain like it is the worst thing ever.

Obviously every piece of software has teething problems but a simple patch can fix it.

JokesOnYou3650d ago

Working just fine for me, download only took like 2 min this morning before work,...a bit too simple, I prefer to see more icons at once but I like how fast and smooth it is. Can't wait to mess with it some more.

divideby03650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

thats the pervasive problems with developers..

"a simple patch will fix it"

they know they can put crap out and it can be patched later....

btw.. I never updated PSN or Live the first day...late the dust settle, since their usually is dust

BX813650d ago

@divideby0 I agree if you put out a product and take peoples money for it, it should be damn near perfect!

@super-brad if you are infact a dev. You're a piss poor dev imo!

Super-Brad3650d ago


Saying that I am a "Piss poor" developer just because my apps get bugs in them from time to time is wrong and un-appropriate.

I do do extensive testing on everything before releasing hoping that it is bug free, but the users who use my apps daily, are of course going to find a few problems as they cover a bigger ground than I do on using the features.

IHateYouFanboys3650d ago

@divideby0: "btw.. I never updated PSN or Live the first day...late the dust settle, since their usually is dust"

its different with Live than it is with PSN though - all the big dashboard updates on Live go through the Beta testing. i myself have had about 5-6 updates to the new Dash through the beta over the last 2-3 weeks. by the time it gets to the public theres generally not a bug in sight.

the XMB update just gets released without any mass testing though. thats where the problems rear their ugly heads.

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mmoracerules3650d ago

But news is news in the crap face examiner world.

Dread3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

just to give the sony army an excuse to start critizicing MS
again. They will start spewing their old canard about how people pay for live , thus these things should never happen etc.. I bet they will also start to hate on kenect just for kicks eventhough this is completely unrelated.

divideby03650d ago

^ what does this have to do with Sony ?

"Sony Army"... lmao.... grow up

and just FYI...please read my comment about NOT updating either service

some commentors always have to turn this into a console war.. grow up

The Wood3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

whine, winge, whine, winge, ps3 x this sony x that..have a break...have a kit kat miss

The update was smooth and quick for me but it did ask me to re download my sky player. My mate didn't have to. Has anybody else had to do this? (UK obviously)

Close_Second3650d ago

No console or PC is safe from the potential fallout of an update. I just wish the 360 avatars didn't look, casual.

Heartnet3650d ago

True true but they should have rigirously tested it before release ^^ also things take forever to Sync now for instance when i want to download sumin it takes like 1min to sync then comes up with an error.. wtF!!! worse than ps3's syncing.. hope they fix it :)

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ASSASSYN 36o3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Just because updates on xbox-live are automatic and severly simple to do. I suggest any update you get, you should clear your cache. It clears up lock up issues with games and poor performance issues.

ECM0NEY3650d ago

I would... but that would erase my Gears 2 rank. Since for some reason they decided to store it in the cache.

TheColbertinator3650d ago

Yeah I miss those too ParadiseLost

Manac0R3650d ago

It's so......white......

GameOn3650d ago

Sterile is the word that comes to mind. Not sure if I like it yet.

Manac0R3650d ago

Too much change for me...first N4G, now my xbox dashboard.... I need to play around with it more; there are defo pros and cons.

One thing is the bright white menu tabs/screens are too in your face, I think sterile was the perfect word for it.

It is faster tho and avatars are more anatomically correct.

MGRogue20173650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

So true, I redeemed a 2100 MS points card to buy Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare for 800MS points as well Dead Rising: Case Zero for 400MS Points & it now says I've got 240MS points..


I haven't even bought anything else!

I should have 900MS Points left :(

green3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I just bought 1,500 points to buy Shadow Broker (800points) and Kasumi (560points) DLC for Mass Effect 2. Shadow Broker downloaded without a problem but half way through the Kasumi download, the download stopped saying download could not be completed. I tried to download it again but it says i dont have enough points. WTF...

@ enkeixpress: PM me if Microsoft sorts it out for you.

MGRogue20173650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Guys, I made a mistake lol.. I actually had Microsoft points already in my account & after I redeemed 2100 MS points, I bought Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare Collection for 1600MS Points.. & Dead Rising: Case Zero for 400MS Points.

So yeah, 240MS points is how much I should have.. which is correct.

So all good. As for any of you having problems with MS points I'd call Microsoft/Xbox. They can sort it out. :)

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